How to Burglar Proof Your Windows

August 4, 2017 at 2:58 PM


Despite the numerous home security campaigns that highlight the need to secure doors and windows, most homeowners overlook the windows either because they think they are too high or too tiny for a person to fit through. But, you should never underestimate a determined thief. The fact that people have learned how to secure their doors leaves windows as the main entry points for burglars. This makes them your weakest home security points. Hence, the need to burglar proof your windows and prevent theft losses. 

How to burglar proof your windows

Reinforce the glass

There are numerous secure materials for reinforcing your glass windows. They include using tempered glass made from durable and hard to break materials. Though tempered glass costs more than traditional window glasses, they are among the affordable glass reinforcement options. Safety glass is also known as laminated glass is the other ideal option for securing your windows. They comprise of vinyl layers that are sandwiched between two regular glasses. As such, to break the laminated glass, you must repeatedly hit the same spot which creates noise and attracts attention from neighbors and people passing by. Bullet resistant glass and wire mesh are also excellent options but quite expensive. 

Plexiglas and polycarbonate windows

Plexiglas windows or acrylic plastic windows are as thick as regular glass windows but more than 10 times stronger. Polycarbonate windows, on the other hand, are very secure and expensive. They are over 200 times impact secure in comparison with safety glasses and ten times stronger than acrylic windows. 

Window bars

Though often brushed off as outdated home decorations, iron bars on windows ensure that your home is burglar resistant. Even if a burglar smashes the windows, he cannot squeeze through the iron bars. There are numerous and beautiful iron bar designs that can serve the decorative and protective purpose. 


Just like home security alarms, there are numerous types of window alarms. They include a simple window sensor alarm that goes off once the window is broken or opened. A wireless smart home window alarm is easy to install and can be used for all window types. It contains a motion detector that monitors the area around the window and goes off when motion towards the window is detected. Another smart type allows you to monitor your Windows remotely and notifies you if they are left unlocked during the day and at night. 

A well-fitted home alarm system can safeguard the windows as well as the doors and offer many additional benefits. They not only notify you of impending burglar attacks but also send automatic notifications to your security company. 


You may install all the above security features, but without proper window locks, your efforts may be futile. Windows guards and deadbolts go a long way in deterring burglars. Experts recommend installing strong and visible locks on the basement doors and windows, especially on first-floor windows and simpler locks or deadbolts on upper floor windows.


Home security is a topic that gains momentum daily due to the increasing home break-ins. So, avoid joining the home burglaries statistics by ensuring that your windows are well-secured and following other security measures like installing adequate outdoor lights.