How Burglars Target a Home

June 13, 2017 at 10:55 AM


Before attacking, burglars conduct an area survey and zero in on a target house. The question is how they pick out their target. You may be confident that you have top-notch home security measures in place but, have you secured your home well enough to prevent it from being a possible target? Thieves do not always consider what is in a house before breaking in; they want quick money. Every house contains something valuable and easy to carry. So why do some homes attract thieves?

The illusion that a home is unoccupied

Before planning an attack, burglars survey a neighborhood to pick out the easy target and guess what, the easiest target is always the unoccupied house. As such, if you happen to be spending too much time in the office daily, you home is an easy target. Burglars will monitor you and your movement in and out your home for a period and strike when they are sure nobody is home or about to get home. Though you cannot change your work schedule and plans, you can create an illusion that the house is occupied when it’s not. Set your lights on a timer so that the turn on and off and install motion detectors. If you are going on a business trip or vacation, have the post office hold your mail and papers.

An unmaintained yard

Whether you are home or not, keeping your yard well-maintained implies occupation. Moreover, overgrown bushes and shrubs are used by burglars as hiding points as they try to access your house. Have well-trimmed bushes and sizeable tree branches for shade only. Cut large tree branches that make accessing your windows easy. Remember to keep all yard equipment indoors because thieves can use them as weapons or aids to break into your home.

Lack of a neighborhood watch

Though greatly ignored due to its time demand in the initial set-up stage, neighborhood watch programs are effective home security measures that prevent theft and criminal activities. When neighbors work together, they spot unusual and suspicious visitors before they cause harm. Thieves avoid areas with neighborhood watch signs or areas they are certain to have the program in place. If your neighborhood does not have the program yet, talk to your neighbors and suggest the idea. But before you mobilize all your neighbors, install a neighborhood watch sign to deter thieves.

Lack of home security systems

Unlike before when home security systems were reserved for the elite, they are now affordable for everyone. As such, they are essential if not a must-have for every homeowner. It may help to note that homes with no security systems are three times susceptible to burglaries. The first thing a thief will look for is a home security system sign and outdoor cameras. So, even when you do not have the security system, a sign could help deter the thieves.


These are just a few examples of the home security mistakes thieves take advantage of. They also look for unlocked doors or windows. This means that your endeavor to ensure home security and safety should not stop with the basic measures captioned above. Take every extra step to make your home inaccessible and unattractive to burglars.