How to Create the Perfect Home Theater System

How to Create the Perfect Home Theater System

April 09, 2018 at 11:22 AM

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Have you always thought about having your own theater room but have no clue how to turn it into a reality? It’s easy to Google “home theater” and see images of all the things you could possibly want, but creating it can get complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

A lot of us don’t have the money and space it takes to create a lavish theater room that seats twenty people. Instead, the best thing to do is create a home theater system you can enjoy. Home theater systems are often placed in living rooms and small bedrooms. However, they’re usually in a normal room where some elements can’t be controlled, which leads to some common problems and mistakes. 

Here’s a list of the things we suggest you do when creating your own home theater system: 

1. Keep things at eye level

Humans aren’t meant to look up. Even if things are placed at a slight tilt, we’ll feel noticeable pain in our necks and shoulders within the next few hours. Those who specialize in ergonomics recommend placing your display in the center of the wall so your gaze falls between the top quarter and the top edge of the TV or monitor. 

2. Avoid being too close or too far

It’s common knowledge that our proximity to the objects we’re viewing has a huge impact on our vision, but a lot of people forget this when they start building a home theater system. Most end up with something that’s too far or too close, which decreases our viewing quality. 

For instance, if you have 20/20 vision and are watching a 50” display from more than 10 feet away, you’ll start to lose visual acuity. There are several ways to nerd out over calculations, but we suggest using this home theater calculation tool to determine the optimal viewing distance for your TV. 

3. Work with a professional audio/video company

You can go through the hassle of creating a home audio/video system by yourself, or you can call in a team of experts. Take Hawkeye Communication, for example. Our certified team members can come to your home and determine the right setup, technology, viewing distance, and audio needs for your space. We work with top-quality audio and video products, which means you’ll receive the entertainment you’re looking for long after we’re gone. 

4. Use quality technology

In order to create the perfect home theater system, you have to have a balanced approach. Focusing too closely on video will result in poor audio and vice versa. An ideal approach is to keep the future and today’s best technology, products, and systems in mind. At Hawkeye Communication, we use state-of-the-art products from JBL Audio, Sonos, and Elan Home Systems to turn your vision into a reality. 

To create the home theater system you’ve always wanted, speak to our certified team. We specialize in creating quality audio/video systems for people in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, and Waterloo. Let us give you a quote today!