How Do Most Home Invasions Occur

May 17, 2017 at 1:32 PM


Home invasions are not only scary but also frightening, yet, they occur daily in the United States and affect most homeowners and apartment, renters. Sadly, most home invasions that occur are preventable. You just need to make the right security adjustments within your home and watch out for any home security gaps that should be fixed. Start home invasion prevention by focusing on securing the following areas.


Doors and windows


Doors and windows are the main entry points for burglars. You may leave the back door unlocked when in a hurry or forget to lock the windows. That way, you create an ideal and easy entry point. On the other hand, most burglars use brute force when breaking in homes. As such, you should reinforce your doors and ground floor windows with heavy duty locks. Technological advancements have come to help address the home security problem by designing keyless locks. Keyless locks are programmed to delete home access codes when needed, and some notify you when someone attempts to force entry.


Front doors


The front door is your home’s main access point. So, everyone including would-be burglars will approach the front door and ring the doorbell. Burglars will do so to distract you, gain easy entry or simply check whether anyone is home. So, what can you do to deter burglars from approaching your front door? Start by installing motion detecting lights for night intruders, ask for identification before opening the door, use your peephole to identify visitors and install doorbell cameras. Doorbell cameras offer live feeds, you see exactly who is at the door from the comfort of your coach, and above all, you can record videos of people at the door for future security if need be.


Your backyard


A backyard is the epitome of home ownership; it is a place where you can relax and enjoy nature as you meditate. However, it can also be the source of your troubles if not well-secured. Backyards are favorite entry points for burglars because they are secluded and can lead burglars into your home without being noticed. Hence, the need to install motion active floodlights that spook would be burglars. Also, secure your backyard with a strong gate and fences that cannot be climbed with ease. For instance, you could use spiny shrubs or thorny hedges as your backyard fences.


The garage


Modern garage doors come with remotes that contain default passcodes. To secure your garage, you must reset the codes to a secret, hard to guess the code. Remote controlled garage doors are termed more secure because it would be hard for burglars to get hold of the remote. You should have the remote with you always or leave it under the care of a trusted person.




Home invasions are rampant but can be avoided if you take the time to secure the main home entry points. Home security starts with you the home owner; how well you secure your doors, windows and garage determine how safe your home is. If you have the resources, hiring a home security expert to point out the security gaps in your home would be great. Contact Hawkeye Communication today to schedule your consultation.