How Does Honeywell Home Security Protect Your Home?

How Does Honeywell Home Security Protect Your Home?

April 24, 2018 at 1:08 PM

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To have an effective home security system, you have to have multiple devices that all work together. Layering the protection around your home in this manner leads to a more effective security system than just alarms alone. 

Door and window sensors as well as motion detectors create the backbone of any home security system and keep track of which doors and windows are open or closed. Before you rule out adding these sensors to your home security system, you should consider all the benefits of having them.

Window sensors

Most home security systems come with a certain number of sensors and beyond that, you can add more depending on the size and needs of your home. The idea is to place a sensor on every window in your home so if it is opened or “breached” when your system is armed, it sends a signal to the main control panel and triggers the alarm immediately. 

All of Honeywell’s systems are sophisticated and technology-based. You can choose from the following products when putting your system together: 

Door sensors

Like window sensors, door sensors usually come in two separate pieces. One part fits onto the door and the other attaches to the frame. Most Honeywell sensors can be kept in place with a heavy adhesive or you can screw them directly into the doorframe, though it’s not usually necessary. 

When installing your door sensors, position the two pieces right next to each other so they can interact when the door is opened. Some sensors use magnetic fields to monitor movement between the door and the frame, so when they separate, the sensors signal the alarm panel. Your alarm panel will then evaluate the activity and determine if this is usual activity or if the alarm should sound.

If a burglary were to take place, your Honeywell security system will contact your local emergency response center for help. 

Motion detectors

Think of a motion detector as the linchpin of your security system. It’s the main device that determines when someone is in your home when they’re not supposed to be. Motion sensors use one or multiple technologies to assess movement in a given area. 

When a sensor is tripped, a signal is sent to your home security system’s control panel, which is connected to your monitoring center. This will alert you and the monitoring center to a possible threat taking place in your home. Motion sensors can also be used to monitor activity in your home such as: 

Trying to determine which motion, door, and window sensors are right for your home can be tricky. Honeywell offers a wide range of home security products and systems that it can be difficult narrowing down the best ones for your home and lifestyle. Let the expert staff at Hawkeye Communication help you determine the right combination of sensors for your home. We’re even happy to install and maintain them for you!