How a Fire Alarm System Can Save Your Life

October 23, 2017 at 10:26 AM


Most of us were taught in school demonstrations that the smell of smoke will wake us during a fire. The smell of smoke is certainly alarming, but the poisonous gases fire releases will actually put you into a deeper sleep. It is true, however, that the majority of fatal fires occur at night, which means having functioning fire detectors throughout your home is imperative. 

A good rule of thumb is to have at least one smoke detector on each level of the home. Keep them in or near all sleeping areas so they’ll quickly wake you should a fire take place. Be diligent about testing them as it’s recommended to do so once a week. Get into the habit of changing the batteries annually. Mark a day on your calendar to do this or incorporate it into an annual task such as holiday decorating or spring cleaning. 

Fire safety tips

We certainly hope you never experience a house fire, but it’s better to be over-prepared than not prepared at all. To help you come up with an effective household fire safety plan, we’ve put these life-saving tips together:

1) Get out! Authorities say that when fire strikes you have between one and two minutes to escape the home. The best thing you can do to prepare is to create and rehearse a fire escape plan. Include all family members who are old enough to understand and determine who will help those that require assistance. Should you need to use this plan, everyone will be well-rehearsed and know what to do.

2) Study and practice. Formulating, studying, and practicing your fire safety plan can save lives. In the moment, it can be tempting to gather personal belongings, but the time you waste in doing so could be the difference between life and death. Always follow tip number 1 and get out.

3) Descend to the lowest level. During a fire you have two choices: follow your plan and immediately get out or descend to the level below the fire. In the event that exiting the building isn’t feasible, you’ll likely need to get below the fire. For instance, if you’re on the 7th level of an apartment building, get to the ground floor as quickly as you can.

4) Have a fire alarm system installed. If you have the means and budget to do so, invest in a fire safety alarm. A Honeywell fire alarm system, for example, will alert the authorities so they can get to your property without you having to call them. Keep in mind that you can have the system catered to your specific needs, so choose a Honeywell authorized dealer who can guide you through the sale and installation process. 

If you’re ready to have a Honeywell fire alarm or security system installed in your home, contact the team at Hawkeye Communication. We specialize in a wide selection of security systems and enjoy protecting families and businesses in the Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, and Robins areas.