How Home Automation Will Improve Your Home

October 4, 2017 at 10:11 AM


When you arrived at the office this morning, you discovered that the air conditioning unit was broken. Now that you’ve made it through a sweltering day sticking to your desk in the dead of summer, you’re ready to come home to a nice cool house. Thankfully, your automated Honeywell system maintains the temperature of your home, ensuring you’ll walk through the door to your ideal temperature.

In today’s world, we put emphasis on our personal comfort and the comfort of our family members. Being in the twenty-first century, we have the power to control our surroundings thanks to automated home systems from Honeywell and Lutron. To stay informed on how automated home systems can improve your daily life, take a look at the information below.

You’re in charge

Once you’ve installed automated home systems from Lutron or Honeywell, you’ll enjoy complete control. Enjoy the ability to change the temperature of your home depending on the time of day as well as the option to have the lights go up as the sun sets. Since you’re the one monitoring the systems, you’ll enjoy complete control of their settings, thus freeing you up to make better use of your home time.

You’ll enjoy increased comfort

With automated home systems from Honeywell and Lutron, you’ll enjoy increased comfort in your own home. Whether you prefer a cooler temperature at night while you sleep or you like having it cooler during the day, you’ll have control over your home’s comfort level 24 hours a day.  

One of the benefits of Honeywell thermostats is the automatically adjust feature. Every time you arm or disarm your security system, your thermostat will adjust according to your specifications, ensuring your home will always be at your preferred temperature.

Your home will increase in value

In addition to giving you complete control and ease of use, automated home systems boost your home’s value. According to the New York Times, installing automated systems in your home can pay off in the long run. You’ll enjoy the convenience and control while you live there, but the systems will also increase your home’s market value.

If you think about it from a practical standpoint, most homebuyers are looking for properties that need minimal changes. Automated systems are great ways to set your home apart from the market competition.

You’ll save on energy usage and costs

One of the biggest benefits of automated home systems is the fact that they can save you money. Traditionally, homeowners have relied on programmable thermostats. The fact is, programmable thermostats reduce energy usage by only 6.2%. To make it even worse, over half of the programmable thermostats on the market are used correctly. Most of the time they are left in the “hold” setting, meaning they’re functioning the same way a manual model does. As a result, the EPA pulled the Energy Star rating from all programmable models in 2009. 

With an automated thermostat, your system will detect when you’re gone and it will update its settings accordingly. This has the potential to save greatly on energy usage and up to a good $135 per year.