How to Keep Your First Apartment Safe and Secure

How to Keep Your First Apartment Safe and Secure

February 9, 2018 at 10:18 AM

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Whether you live in a large city or small town, burglaries and theft do occur - so it's important that you take the proper precautions. Sometimes, people who live in an apartment don't consider home security because the thought is that you can't (or shouldn't) spend money on big changes in a home that's just temporary.

It may be a surprise to most of you because many property management companies today are more than willing to help you in improving the safety of your apartment. Here are a few not-so-costly ways to keep your apartment safe: 

Purchase a deadbolt lock. 

Deadbolt locks cost only around $20, and are a pretty effective way of protecting your home. Also, they are pretty easy to install - and if you can't figure it out, you can find a handy friend to help. Also, consider having a home security company install this for you.

Secure the sliding doors. 

Many apartment communities have sliding glass doors that go toward a patio or front entrance. To secure these, put a broom handle, baseball bat, or something equally sturdy in the track to make it a challenge for someone to squeeze in.

Secure the windows. 

Most windows have secure locks on them, but if they don't, check with your property owner to see if they'd help fund the cost of new ones. Not only will this be a benefit to you, but future tenants as well. Window guards are another option that can be purchased at a reasonable price and can also be installed by a home security company. Usually, they're secured from the inside, so it's tough for a burglar to tamper with them.

Verify the proper lighting. 

Nowadays, many apartments come with sufficient outdoor lighting that's triggered by motion. Though, you should also consider indoor lighting. An example is placing a lamp near a window so it gives the appearance of someone being home, even if you're not.

Keep vacation information to yourself. 

This may sound silly, but if you are in smaller communities, it's easy for people to learn where (and most importantly when) you're going on vacation. Try to keep in minimum or avoid talking in public spaces, so others won't overhear you and know exactly when you'll be gone.

Think about getting a dog. 

I know you've seen the signs that say, "Beware of dog," but this is an option that many people consider. If cases that you're gone for short trips, a good guard dog can help protect your home and scare potential burglars away.

Invest in renter's insurance. 

Even after taking all of these precautions, a renter's insurance would strengthen and protect your property even more. This is not only for theft but also for things like water damage or flood.

To sum it up, it is not enough simply to have your apartment safe; real home security begins within your immediate neighborhood. Encourage your neighbors to help in security measures by reporting suspicious-looking individuals and burglars. Try also to guarantee the help of your landlord by installing cameras and lighting dark areas. It is good to know and take note of the telephone number of the nearest police station, so you don't only ensure personal safety but the safety of others as well.