How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

January 28, 2019 at 11:00 AM

How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter.jpg


Winter in Cedar Rapids is getting colder each day. But is there a more efficient way to keep your home warm without using too much energy?


Here are some tips you may consider:


1. Use curtains to trap heat


You may already be doing this at home. But opening your curtains to let the sunlight it during precious hours in the morning can help you make use of this free heat. As it gets dark, shut your curtain down. This will serve as another insulation to keep your room warm. However, ensure there are no gaps on your wall so the warm air can stay inside while the cold air remains outside.


2. Find a better spot for your sofa


You may think that the placement of your sofa has little effect on the warmth of your room. However, it plays a great role in keep heat inside your house or office.


Avoid placing this near the radiator, because it will only absorb heat. This keeps your home from warming up. Do the same for anything that can easily absorb hear, such as curtains or drying clothes.


3. Add some room insulation


Do you know that 25% of heat may be lost through your roof? This makes it wise for you to add more insulation to it. This may not be cheap, but you will eventually reap its rewards as it helps you save lots of money on your electrical bill.


4. Turn down the heat a bit


By simply turning down the heat of your thermostat by 1°C , you are actually saving money while preventing negative impacts of a cold home. Moreover, your family will slightly feel the difference.


5. Use temperature control systems


Ultimately, make your heating control system more efficient by installing a temperature controls system inside your home. Hawkeye Communication and Lutron can create anything from single room to whole home solutions to increase your home's comfort, convenience and energy efficiency.


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