How to keep your storage building secure this holiday season

How to keep your storage building secure this holiday season

December 7, 2018 at 4:00 PM

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Your storage building keeps the things - from furniture to home decorations that are not being used currently but are not ready for disposal. This holiday season, you may travel plans and may leave the house for quite some time. If your storage place is not inside the house, you might totally have forgotten about keeping it secure. It is more susceptible to theft than your home. Your storage building needs security, create a strong security system for it.


Install a solid, durable lock


The most common way to keep a place secure is to install a lock on its doors. Be sure to choose locks that are strong enough to keep the door closed despite strangers trying their best efforts to break in. A key sometimes comes with a lock. Do not leave the key anywhere obvious or near the storage building itself. On the other hand, if the lock requires a code, do not use dates that are related to you or to your family - birthdays, address number, anniversaries, and so on. Come up with a complex one and do not let anyone know about it.


Consider installing an alarm system


A lock and a key are not enough to keep the building fully secured. If your belongings inside the storage building are expensive and valuable, have a security alarm installed. This will let you know if someone barges in the building. Have the sensors installed on all possible access points such as the doors and windows.


Install motion-sensitive floodlights


If anyone roams around the area, the lights will flash a big light towards the person that its sensors has caught. This will unnerve the burglars to steal because who wants to be caught in the act? In addition to this, motion-sensitive flood lights will consume a lot less electricity than the ones that are open throughout the night unless turned off.


Consider these pointers and have a stress-free holiday season. Merry Christmas!