How to Prepare for a Business Security Consultation

How to Prepare for a Business Security Consultation

August 21, 2017 at 10:22 AM


Starting a business requires time dedication and huge financial obligations. Above all, the patience and challenges you have to endure before the business gets to breakeven point are psychologically and physically draining. As such, it is important to protect your hard-earned investment with a reliable commercial security system. But how do you ensure that you choose a security system that addresses your security concerns and seals the security gaps within your business premise? It all starts with good preparation ahead of your meeting with a business security vendor. 

Preparing for a business security consultation

It is important to have a security consultation checklist during your meeting with potential commercial security providers. You want to invest in a system that caters for your business security needs and gives you confidence that your property is always secured. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a security meeting. 

• A few days to the meeting, call the vendor and confirm the details. Confirm the meeting location and expected duration. However, it is important that your initial meeting should be held within your business premise. This way, you can easily explain/ demonstrate the security gaps, the vendor gets to tour your business and recommend the ideal commercial security systems. 

• In case you will be attending the meeting with your business partners or security officials, provide the vendor with an attendees list. It is also fair that the vendor comes in prepared to face and respond to security concerns as perceived by different business officials. 

• Have a defined budget that you cannot go against. Let the vendor know your budget for the services they intend to offer. Though the amount of money you need to spend may be determined by your security needs and the company you choose to work with, it is important to have a spending limit. 

• Share your timeline. Though vendors are there to sell, it is important to let them in on your timeline. This would define your expected installation and roll out period. The vendor should provide advice on whether their systems can be installed within the defined time frame.

• Sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you must share information about your current security systems, processes, infrastructure and practices, it is important to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the vendor. So, have the document prepared before the meeting date to avoid inconveniences or delaying the meeting. The agreement gives your freedom to express your security concerns without any fear.

• Understand your current business security situation. A professional commercial security systems vendor will ask you as many questions as possible about your current security state in a quest to understand the gaps and recommend the right system. 


Commercial security is a controversial business requirement that must be handled with utmost care. As a consumer, strive to understand a security company, its systems, their effectiveness and client relationships before committing to their services or products. A slight mistake during the initial discussion can cost you your business and lifetime hustle.