The Importance of 24 Hour Monitored Security Systems

The Importance of 24 Hour Monitored Security Systems

June 9, 2016 at 10:59 AM

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We all want to protect what matters to us. This includes; homes, businesses, children and family members. However, it is not possible for you to be with everyone and everything all of the time. Hence,  a 24/7 monitored, security system can bring you a greater piece of mind. The initial investment may sound like a lot, but the peace of mind you have is totally worth every penny. Here is why.

Benefits of 24 hour security monitoring


Remote access to your home


Modern security systems allow you to monitor your home from any location. You stay updated about what is happening in your house when you are away. You can arm and disarm your system remotely, get live video of who it at your place and what is going on, and even turn on lights and/or raise and lower shades to make it look like someone is there. 


Peace of mind


The peace of mind a monitored security system offers cannot be underestimated. You get the confidence that what is important to you is protected even when you are not there. When you are sure that your most important investment is secured, you relax and become more productive at work, this allows you to focus more on the activities you wish.


Prevents crimes and damages


Research has proven that, as the number of monitored security systems installed within a neighborhood increased, crime rates reduced. Intruders fear being caught. Thus, the idea of an area or home having the security system is enough to deter crimes in an entire neighborhood. In addition, you can opt to receive notifications in case your smoke or gas alarms go off while you are away. Sophisticated systems can be programmed to notify authorities instantly once such emergencies occur. 


Lowers home insurance charges


Though a security system attracts a monthly fee, installing it lowers your home insurance by about 20 percent. The insurer believes that your home is less prone to the insured risks like theft and fire damages once a home monitored security system is in place. 


Boosts electricity management


Most modern monitored security systems offer a smart thermostat and outlets feature. Thus, you can control your thermostat from any internet enabled device. Additionally, you can install outlets that can be turned on or off remotely, so a forgotten curling iron could be turned off when you are away, as well as turn lights on and off despite your location. This feature comes in handy when you are on vacation. You can turn the lights on at night and off in the morning to create the impression that someone is home. Or, turn lights on as you arrive home or to the office so you never walk into a dark space.

As stated above, the benefits offered by a 24 hour monitored security system is worth the investment. You enjoy extra defense against intruders and stay up to date with all the activities taking place in your home or business while you are away. The latter is a unique and priceless benefit.