Making Your Home Safe For Your Baby

August 7, 2017 at 10:10 AM


Your baby’s arrival not only changes your status but your lifestyle as well. There are aspects within your home that you must change to accommodate your new member and ensure that they are safe. From the moment they start crawling, babies get experimental and curious. They always want to learn things, explore everything around them with their hands and sometimes mouths. As such, you must assess your home, note lurking dangers and rectify them. Top home safety threats within your home include; suffocation, drowning, falls, and fires among others as discussed below.

The little fingers

As mentioned above, the little fingers are very experimental and easily get hurt. Note things that pinch little fingers such as deckchairs, ironing boards, and hinges. Protect them by installing hinge protectors, keep away paper clips, letter openers, and pens among other sharp objects that may cut baby’s fingers. 

The little hands

Little hands love exploring and can get into things you never imagined they would. So, be cautious about where you store dangerous and potentially poisonous things. Store poisonous supplies out of reach of little ones. Also, be careful of anything you discard. Kids will explore everything within their reach including the garbage can and recycling bin. If you throw away plastic bags, paper clips, batteries, medicine bottles, etc. ensure that they are out of reach of your baby. 

Prevent falls

Falls, especially on stairs, are common home safety threats among adults and children. So, ensure that your staircase is clean, has a non-slip carpet and has side support rails for you and your kids to hold on to. It is also advisable to have safety gates that keep baby out of certain parts of the home that they should not access without an adult. 


Fires are a real safety threat to children. Install smoke detectors in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, hallways outside of all sleeping areas, garage, basement and your kid's playroom. Also, have a fire extinguishers nearby in case an emergency strikes. 


Drowning occurs when the baby is left in the bath tub alone or has access to a body of water. Drowning is a danger that can be prevented if the baby is monitored at all times when near water. Empty the bathtub as soon as you are done bathing and never leave the baby alone around any container of water no matter what the size. 


Your baby is your number one concern. As such, take time to childproof your home and make it as safe as possible for your little angel.