Mass Notifications vs Manual Call Trees for Schools in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo

Mass Notifications vs Manual Call Trees for Schools in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo

February 8, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Do you have an emergency communication plan for your school in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo?


Is this convenient? How efficient does it work for you, your staff and your students?


Have you already tested it?


If not, then now is the right time to ensure it is working according to your emergency evacuation plan.


The FACTS about Emergency Evacuation Plans


Here are the facts about emergency evacuation plans in the US:


86% of companies, including schools in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, claims they have an emergency evacuation plan set-up; however 58% of these use manual call trees, which are inefficient during an emergency crisis. Thus, the need to re-evaluate your current emergency evacuation plan and systems.


Why Shift from Manual Call Trees to a Mass Notification System?


Manual call trees have been a cause of many misinformation. It is also inefficient because of the long delays in relaying an important message. Why?


It relies on the efficiency of one person calling two or more people and another doing the same thing. Even if they do it very efficiently, it will still be in insufficient o ensure

everyone is properly notified of the emergency.


Thus, the need to find a system that can be more efficient.



Why choose SMS notifications rather than email notifications?


While mass notification systems allow you to send messages via email or sms, you should be wiser in considering sending an SMS message as a better approach. Simply because emails are rarely read by many compared to an SMS. This is amidst the fact that 66% of people read emails internally.


Why? A big percentage, 44% still remains unaccounted for. Thus, it may be smarter to send your notification via SMS. Otherwise, send it using both types of communication.


The Advantage of a Honeywell Mass Communication System


The HoneyWell Instant Alerts for School is used by many K-12 schools across the US. It is the preferred choice of many school administrators because of its efficiency in keeping guardians, teachers, parents and staff informed, not only during emergency situations but also with other school announcements via almost all types of devices. It is even customizable to suit your institution's unique requirements.


About Hawkeye Communication


Hawkeye Communication is an authorized dealer of Honeywell security and fire dealer program. This is a testament to our commitment to providing a high-quality line of products that satisfy your integrated system requirements.