Odd True to Life Burglary Stories

May 18, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Odd True to Life Burglary Stories.jpg


Do you like hearing bizarre stories?

If yes, here are some of the crazy true to life stories of - burglaries!

You’ve read it right! So keep on reading and you might have a laugh!


Burglaries are one of the cases that no homeowners want to face. At times, it is inevitable. Especially in our present world where crime is chronic.




Have you ever thought that a scary event can turn out to be just something freaky odd?

Come on! Let us share you some of it!



Half Naked


In New Hampshire, a drunk man was found by couple Derek Mcnutt and Lindsay Bolton - HALF NAKED from the waist down. The couple got into commotion in order to rid the unknown drunk man out of their house. The drunk man tried to throw anything he at hands to the couple. With the couple’s desire to get the guy out, they got themselves locked out of their own house.


And their kids are inside - sleeping but don’t worry, they’ve managed to get back inside. They’ve succeeded to scare him away. As the guy fled, he took a pair of their pants, that made it easy for him to get arrested just right after the incident. This was way out of the norm of burglary story but a good reminder to always be ready. Expect the unexpected.


The Foreclosure Burglars


This one is very creative. Burglars from Ohio was in the midst of their action when a neighbor saw them and questioned them. Caught in the act right? But they pretended to be there because of foreclosure, even of the house was not foreclosure!



Saved by - PRAYER


You see, prayer can really do wonders! An old woman was praying out loud before going to sleep, she didn’t know that the burglar is just hiding in her room. As the old woman was praying, the burglar had somewhat grown consciences. He showed himself to the old woman and said that her prayers have saved her.


The old woman then saw this same burglar years later in a camp meeting sharing his story. A changed man already. So remember to always pray at night before sleeping, you’ll never know what it can do!


Dumb Burglar


A burglar in action at St. Paul, Minnesota used Facebook while on his mission.  He then forgot to log out his account and his wet clothes at the house of James Wood - the homeowner! Haha! Can you guess what happened next? Well, Mr. Wood saw the burglars account. He sent his number on it.


The dumb burglar contacted and met with Mr. Wood to get his clothes back. Then he was arrested. End of his dumb burglar story.


Another Dumb Burglar on the List


In the middle of the night, a local university student broke into the window to get into his target. Unfortunately, he cut himself resulting in blood covering all over him. He screamed at the top of his lung because of this. The homeowner, of course, was awakened and shocked to see him.


Good thing, the mother quickly responded by fetching her sleeping child and placed him on a safe place where the thief won’t be able to harm him. She then Faced Time her mother to call the police. This case was already creepy to think of. So you might consider putting up a panic room where you have fully charged phone or a panic alarm next to your bed.


The Panty Fetish


It would be less creepy if a burglar had stolen something valuable instead of stealing a panties and a picture of the female homeowner. Yikes right! But yes, there was this thief in Chicago who broke into a house to steal and try on the woman’s panties and stole a photo of her.


The Sleeper


Committing burglary can be tedious. As proof, a burglar in Florida - Dion Davis, was found sound asleep right on his act. He was found by the housekeeper. He didn’t even hear the police coming in! What a great time to snooze in. Haha!




These might be bizarre cases but it still does not deny the fact that burglaries happen. With that, you need to be extra careful on your home security. You have to make sure that you and your family are safe from harm at all time. Add a home security system, today.


Keep safe people!