Prevent and Solve Crimes in Your Business

Prevent and Solve Crimes in Your Business

September 18, 2017 at 10:47 AM


Options exist for you as a business owner to survey your premises in clear images, good ranges and do that at your own convenience. Commercial security cameras offer you a peace of mind as a business owner. The cameras available now have a range of key feature upgrades that you may want to consider buying or upgrading to. Here are some interesting features for your consideration. 

IP / Megapixel

These cameras are known to use state of the art technology to provide footage in a variety of formats. Unlike analog security cameras, the IP cameras not only records images but also uses a built-in web server with an encoder to convert the footage to a digital format. Additional features such as the digital zoom enable one to get clearer images than most of the traditional CCTV cameras. 

Analog cameras may be cheap and convenient due to the flexibility of designs, but the superior quality IP/ Megapixel cameras offer something to be considered as important by you. 

Weatherproof / Vandal Resistant

Does your business require coverage in outdoor areas such as the business property, the garage, and parking lots? Well, worry not since these cameras can be fitted with weatherproof housing that can protect the cameras from vandalism as well as adverse weather conditions. They do this using a heater and a blower that keeps them dry. 

Infrared Capability

In order for the camera to see and record in dark areas, they use what is known to many as night vision, which is infrared illumination. This is a technology uses light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights that are invisible to the human eye, which can transmit light up to 100 feet away, enabling the camera to produce visible footage in total darkness. A feature that is very important for outdoor surveillance. 

Remote Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is made safe from a distance by having this feature in your overall surveillance system. You maximize efficiency while minimizing costs from a distance. This will help you monitor both your employees and customers making sure they are safe and are treated well respectively. These cameras also come in handy in spaces where valuable items, as well as confidential records, are stored. 

180/360 Field of View

Did you know that one-megapixel camera could take the place of 4 different analog security cameras? That is how good these cameras are; they have several lenses that can provide a full range of views. Different megapixels can provide different ranges of view which increase the higher you go. For example, an 180-degree megapixel camera can survey a whole parking lot adjacent to the building it is on, how much more can a 360-degree megapixel camera do? 

The expense that goes to buying such cameras may be high, but the expense of maintaining more analog cameras for the work one digital camera may proof to be even higher with time. 

Motion detection 

The motion detector feature in cameras enables the security camera to detect motion while recording. These motion detectors work by allowing the camera to record when they convert actual motion into an electronic signal. Cameras can come with a variety of detectors such as; Passive sensors which specifically recognize body heat, detecting motion, microwave sensors which measure any changes caused by moving objects by emitting microwaves which is a technology similar to that used in a police radar gun, Ultrasonic sensors that measure changes caused by a moving object through sending out ultrasonic waves and lastly Tomographic motion detectors which detects changes through radio waves. This is the type of motion detection technology that can sense motion even through walls.

In light of all this, commercial security cameras have undoubtedly gone through a series of changes that cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to the security of your business. These are some of the important features that you can consider when you want to upgrade from an analog to a digital system. Remember that you are not only safeguarding your business premises, but also the lives of your workers and customers while providing a safe environment for efficient working.