Prevent Burglaries with Simple Home Security Tips

Prevent Burglaries with Simple Home Security Tips

June 14, 2016 at 2:38 PM

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Many people are worried about their own security and the security of their homes and families. Because of that, they think of adding a home security system. Before you dive into something, or agree to a contract of some kind, it's important to understand the options and features available. A professional, certified, security provider can be instrumental in helping you understand those things and make your home a safer place to live. Generally speaking, installing a home security system means that you want to protect your home from invaders and criminals, but this does not mean you want to turn your home into a fortress. The purpose is to feel safe, secure and comfortable in your home.

There are many other simple, security tips that you can implement to make your home safe as well. For instance, close and lock doors and windows. If you would like to leave them open for ventilation, there are many kinds of inexpensive solutions that will allow you to do that, but not leave an opening big enough for someone to gain access. Dowels cut to allow a patio door to be open no more than a few inches, or special stops on windows that will only allow the window to open a small amount when engaged, are a couple of great examples. Don’t make it easy for someone to gain access to your home by leaving doors unlocked even if you are running a “quick errand.” Or, by leaving doors unlocked or visibly open in the front of the house while you are in the backyard.

Keep your landscaping trimmed so it doesn’t provide cover for someone, and place thorny bushes under windows that are low to the ground. Installing motion sensitive lights outside your house can be a good idea, too. These lights are activated when someone or something comes close to your place. There are many newer solar lights available today that stay on all night and are a great way to ward off trouble. A well-lit area is less likely to fall victim to break-ins.

The following common sense precautions can definitely help protect what is important to you:

Again, if you want to feel secure in your home, you definitely can.  Just use these simple tips. If you would like to reach out to us for some additional options, contact us here.