Prevent Commercial Burglaries With These 10 Tips

Prevent Commercial Burglaries With These 10 Tips

January 17, 2018 at 2:40 PM

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It is common to assume that commercial premises are always safe because they are guarded by security personnel. However, they are susceptible to burglaries, especially at night. Commercial premises generally have no residents at night. So, as a business owner, you need to take extra measures to protect your business against theft and losses. 

10 tips to prevent commercial burglaries

Security assessment

Start by conducting a security assessment of your business premise to determine the security gaps you need to update. Hire commercial security professionals to assess your building and recommend the ideal measures you need to take. 

Install cameras inside and outside the premise

Whether in a working condition or not, cameras signify that your building is being monitored. Most thieves are afraid of being watched or noticed while in the act. As such, installing cameras in and outside your building not only monitors the activities taking place within your premise but also deters would-be thieves. 

Immovable safe

Though good, movable safes do not always serve their intended purpose. For extra security, the safe should be bolted to the floor or wall such that, a thief cannot carry it. The safe should be fireproof, and you should keep changing the access code.

Sturdy doors

Sturdy doors are doors that are hard to open especially for burglars. They are solid and heavy doors that contain multiple bolts and metal plates. Unless carrying out a planned theft, no burglar is ever prepared to break a sturdy door. 

Keep valuables out of sight

Valuables are things that can fetch quick money and are easy to carry once stolen. They could be computers or your business specific equipment. Keep them out of sight and away from the reception area. Exposing your business valuables can mean attracting burglars. 

Secure your windows with wire mesh, metal grates or resistant glass

Burglars mainly access business premises and homes via the windows because they are easy to break. At night when it is dark, no residents or neighbors around, burglars will break windows and access your business valuables.

Reliable security guards

Even after installing security measures, you sometimes need to hire reliable and trusted security guards. There is security in numbers. So, hire at least two security guards to work during the day and two others to work at night. Well-equipped and uniformed security guards look professional and deter thieves.

Fence your premise

A fence signifies boundaries and privacy. So, any person trying to get through the fence during odd hours is considered a thief and security guards can take action before damage is done. 

Install lights around the premise

Install exterior and interior lights that are bright enough to light up the entire premise at night. Include exterior flood lights that should stay on an entire night. Thieves are afraid of well-lit areas. 

Establish a locking routine

Establishing a routine that you can follow when locking up and heading home. It could be securing the cash, locking the windows and the doors. Following a routine means that you will know when you fail to lock the door or windows. 

Commercial burglaries are a growing problem among business owners. The heightened home security measures have left burglars with no option but to seek alternative vulnerable areas like commercial premises. But, with the right security measures in place, it is hard to suffer losses as a result of theft.