The Pros and Cons of Home Automation

May 5, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Is home automation a good or bad thing? This must be the question lurking in your head for quite some time now.


We understand your concerns. We've been there, but in the end, we've realized that home automation has more benefits than negative impact on a person's life. Today, we are here to share some of these insights with you.



PROS of Home Automation


1. Security


It’s a big YES for home automation when speaking about security features.


Who wouldn't enjoy the possibility of remotely controlling your home devices even when you are not at home?


This is the promise of home automation, thus you can control the smart devices, lights, appliances, and even outlets thru mobile devices at any time, anywhere. These features, when combined with smart security system increases the level of your home’s security. It can even send you real-time notifications of suspicious activities happening within your house perimeter.


2. Saves Energy


Do you want to reduce your energy usage?


Home automation gives you the perfect solution. It has proven itself to deliver saving energy consumption via automated thermostats that can easily adjust and adapt to the temperature based on its surroundings.


Other devices that you may find useful are:



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3. Convenience


Convenience is one of the selling points of the home automation system. This helps you eliminate hassles in turning off lights, TVs, and other devices. Various systems come with remote control capabilities that will allow you to operate these appliances and machine even if you are not at home.


CONS of Home Automation


1. Cost


True! But this shouldn't hinder your dream of adding home automation to your home because home automation nowadays is more affordable. You just need to find a reliable home automation company who can install these devices at a cost-efficient package.


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2. Installation


This is one of the concerns of homeowners. Depending on the complexity of your system, hiring a professional to install it will cost you money and time if you will do it by yourself.


Never settle for anything less. Choose a skilled and licensed professional to install these devices for you to ensure it works just the way you want it.


3. System compatibility


Not all systems are compatible with each other. For example, if you have a security system, it might ask you to work on a platform that is different from your home automation system. To fully utilize your home automation system, make sure to invest in a system that can be fully integrated on your other system and can be controlled centrally.


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4. Complex technology


Automated things are really appealing for tech-savvy people but do you really need to reach to your phone when turning the lights on instead of just pressing the switch across you? You have to consider how far you need home automation.



Hopefully, this list has helped you in considering the factors before taking your home to a new level. For more information regarding home automation, send us a message.