Questions to ask when buying an office security system

Questions to ask when buying an office security system

August 28, 2017 at 10:01 AM


If you head a business, you understand the importance of keeping it safe. So long as your business is making money and you have movable stock, you are at risk of vandalism, burglary or theft. There is always a misconception that thieves will target big market players because they make more money and have more inventory. However, that is not always the truth. Thieves will target offices and small businesses because they are less protected. As such, protecting your small business and office with a reliable and robust commercial security system is important. 

Questions to ask when buying a commercial security system

Before shopping for a security system, you must lay out all your commercial security needs to ensure that no security gap is left vulnerable. Here are a few questions you should ask before shopping for a security system. 

Who accesses your office?

Determining who accesses your office or business premises is important because you must select a security system that allows the right people in and keeps off intruders. For a business, you need a system that allows a big number of people to gain access. You have employees who might be working on different shifts, customers and security personnel who must access the premise anytime without delay. However, you need a more specific and limited system for your office. Apart from you, the only other person who accesses your office may be your secretary and visitors once in a while. 

Do you need physical locks or keys?

Physical locks and keys are common office security features. Though they can be reliable, they have their fair share of risks. For instance, employees retain the power to access the office at any time; the keys can get into the wrong hands and worse, a frustrated employee can easily get back in. So, have measures such as; specific people hold the keys, the business premise strictly closed and off limits during certain hours and have a reliable locksmith for emergency rekeying. 

Would an advanced security system be more reliable?

Advanced security features such as key cards or electric keyless entry systems are more reliable as compared to physical locks and keys. Such systems allow you to limit the areas employees’ access and the hours your business premises can be accessed. Also, key cards can be disabled remotely if lost or stolen. 

Do you know your office security weak points?

Your weak security points are the security gaps the commercial security system you choose must seal. They may be something like a poorly lit entry point or parking lot, multiple access points to areas where some of your employees are not allowed to access and low glass windows just to mention a few. Take time to analyze all the security gaps within your office or business premises before choosing a security system. Thieves never miss a security gap; they examine your security measures for gaps before attacking.


After evaluating your office and its security needs, shop for a system that addresses them. It may be advisable to consult an office security expert at this point to avoid getting confused or making the wrong choice. The market is full of different commercial security systems that promise to do the best job but, they do not all deliver. Ensure you get value for your money by taking your time to choose the right security system for your office security needs. Call Hawkeye Communication today for your office security needs.