Risk Associated With Outdated Business Security Systems

Risk Associated With Outdated Business Security Systems

September 25, 2017 at 11:16 AM


Just like business goals and targets, commercial security systems should be reviewed often and replaced as security technology advances. You may have invested in a high-tech and quite expensive security system for your business premises because it was the best in the market at the time. So, you may not understand why you need to change the system after just a few years of excellent service. 

Just like all man-made products, security systems are prone to wear and tear, aging and reduced service excellence. This means that your business could have security gaps due to poor system performance. Hence, the need to replace your outdated security system. 

Risks associated with obsolete commercial security systems

Increased security risks

Security system manufacturers conduct regular system updates based on rising security vulnerabilities. However, if your system was introduced in the market a couple of years back, it may not support modern updates from the manufacturer leaving it vulnerable to security system hackers. Hackers take the time to study new security systems and come up with ways of getting through the codes unnoticed. So, if your old system does not receive updates, it becomes easy for hackers to crack the code and compromise your business information. To avoid this, check with your manufacturer regularly to ensure that your system gets updated. 

Moreover, commercial security systems are installed based on your current security gaps and needs. These needs and gaps change as your business expands. So, if you fail to replace or update your security system as your security needs change, you are more at risk of employee theft, break-ins, and hacking. Optimize your security system set up to cater for your current security needs. 

Poor performance

Due to wear and tear, old security systems are bound to malfunction. Malfunctioning means performing poorly and not alerting you or your security team on time in case a security threat presents. A good example is outdated digital video surveillance cameras. They can reboot, stop recording video footages or lock up without notice. So, you run your business confidently thinking that you’re secure. Unless you conduct a security review, you will not see the security gap. Regular maintenance can also prevent security system failures. 

You miss opportunities to improve your security layout

Technologies and system codes change daily as the business environment changes. So, once you fail to purchase a new and modern commercial security system, you lose on the opportunity cost of having a newer system model. You miss out on easier ways of managing security issues, new features like remote control, access and automated real-time notifications of your protected business.

Bottom line

You are never certain about how your business environment will unfold. You wait for external factors to present and act accordingly. This same principle should apply when reviewing your security systems. Respond to the technological advancements and new security threats that may have arisen since you last purchased the system. Security system functionality translates to productivity, security convenience, flexibility, and certainty.