Safety Mistakes In the Work Place

June 23, 2017 at 11:50 AM


The safety and health of workers is one of the top most priorities an employer has. Lack of this can cost the company a whole lot in terms of legal actions, risk fines, and employee injury. Hence a safe working place will help protect workers and onsite customers. Proper training on safety in the workplace as well as putting up the necessary safety measures by the company goes a long way to preventing some of these potential risks.

Slipping/falling: due to negligence or mistakes at work, cases of these are a very common safety issue. Many causes of such injuries may occur when one walks into a wet area that is just from being washed or even when using a faulty ladder while storing boxes in the storage unit.

Incorrect handling of toxic materials: here is one reason why training of workers in companies is very vital. Handling of certain chemicals should be left to a group of people who have been cleared to do so; otherwise, the risk of exposure is high especially if and when such toxins are handled incorrectly.

Improper lifting techniques: Many people may be oblivious to the fact that when lifting a heavy object it is proper to use your leg muscles as opposed to your back muscles. Therefore, workers end up straining their backs when lifting certain objects around. To avoid this and long term injuries from this, basic safety instructions on such activities within a work environment should not only be provided but also trained on periodically.

Ignoring a minor injury: it is important to have any injury checked out. Seemingly small injuries can fester and become serious life threatening injuries if not treated rightfully and in a timely manner. Instead of braving it out for a paycheck, it is more important to prioritize your health first. In addition to this, every employee should be equipped with basic first aid knowledge which will go a long way in helping coworkers when needed.

Failing to report inappropriate/unsafe conduct: some employees develop shortcuts of doing things within the working area that are unsafe. These should be immediately reported due to the jeopardy these habits could cause fellow workers at one point or another.

Inadequate supervision: the lack of supervision in a working space may lead to an unsafe working environment. When a supervisor is too busy to observe safety regulations, he may overlook some potential dangers hence risking the safety of workers. Assuming that your work as a supervisor is less because the workers have been trained is a dangerous assumption especially because you are the one meant to supervise success of the training itself.

Not having a safety-first mindset: Companies should strive to help their employees prioritize and own the need to watch out for their safety and that of those around them. If not observed, even the most detailed manual, training, as well as the most ardent supervisor, will not guarantee employees safety at work.

The general safety of people should be a priority in any working space. Simple mistakes can cause a lot of harm and a recurrence if the root causes are not addressed. Knowing the environment you work in and the unique risks you may be vulnerable to can keep you on the lookout and help you safeguard yourself. This article sheds light to a few of the many potential hazards there are in the workplace be alert and pay attention to them and more.