Safety Tips for the Garage

September 13, 2016 at 2:50 PM


You may use your garage for just storage or entertaining. Regardless of what you use it for, it is very necessary to make sure your garage is just as safe as your home. The following are some safety tips for your garage that can help prevent accidents.

Use a “Smart” Garage Door Opener

One of the best ways to protect your garage is by installing a smart garage door opener. This type of opener contains a monitor that can be accessed through your smartphone and tells you whether the garage is open or closed. With some models, you can cycle your garage door remotely. You won’t have to worry about getting to work and wondering if you left your garage door open again!

Install a Smoke Detector

It is common for homeowners to forget about the garage when installing smoke detectors in their homes. Remember most flammable materials are stored in the garage such as paint, aerosol cans, and gasoline. Installing a smoke detector will alert you if a fire ever breaks out. As common as it is for homeowners to forget to include the garage when adding smoke detectors to their home, it is also very common to forget to check the batteries regularly as well. Remember, both of these can help save lives. A highly recommended option is to have a monitored burglar and smoke alarm system installed that will immediately alert you and the fire department in the event of a fire and will also notify you if a battery is low.

Garage Door Inspection

You should visually inspect your garage door monthly. Examine the cables, rollers, pulleys and springs for signs of wear. You should also check the opening and closing mechanism to ensure it is working properly. You should make sure if it comes in contact with an object that it opens itself back up to prevent accidents or damage. If you happen to find an issue, do not attempt to repair the door yourself. You should talk to an experienced garage door repair person about making any adjustments.

Chemical Storage

You should keep any toxic chemicals out of reach of children and pets by putting them on higher shelves, storing them in locked cabinets, and making sure all lids are secured. These chemicals include bleach, gasoline, car fluids, pesticides, herbicides, furniture polish, paint thinners, among many others. This can help children and pets from ingesting them which could be very harmful.

Garages are ideal spaces for storage, playing, and performing home projects. These tips will help keep it a  as well.