Safety Tips For Outdoor Bonfires And Fire Pits

September 21, 2016 at 12:01 PM


If you have experienced outdoor bonfires or fire pits, you know how pleasant and fun they can be. With the company of loved ones, humor, storytelling, and music- you are set to enjoy the outdoors at night. To avoid hazards consider the outdoor bonfires and fire pit safety tips below.


Bonfires are large and harder to control as compared to pit fires. As such, they are mainly put up during large outdoor gatherings or celebrations. Their blazing flames add warmth and glamor to outside events. Because they emit extreme heat, people should enjoy their warmth from a distance. You need adequate open space to put up a bonfire. The bonfire itself needs substantial space, and your guests need enough entertainment space from a distance.

Fire pits

Fire pits offer visual appeal to any landscape design. Many fire pits are also intended for grilling. So, you get to enjoy their warmth as well as the food you grill. They range from permanent to temporary or portable. Before investing in a fire pit, take the time to determine the type that will work best for you and your entertainment goals. Consider your backyard’s structure and space during different seasons.

Safety tips

- A bonfire should be set at least 50 feet from all buildings while fire pits should be 10 feet away. However, if you have adequate space, place the fire pit 25 feet from all structures.

- A bonfire or fire pit should not be under a tree, covered porch or near electric cables. Moreover, fire pits should be placed on a non-flammable surface like concrete or brick patios.

- Ensure no flammable materials are within a diameter of 5 feet from the fires. This prevents escape flames from spreading and causing emergencies.

- Fire experts advise that round fire pits should be at least 6 feet wide and 2 feet deep to contain flames and embers.

- Use dry seasoned wood to ensure fire safety. Old furniture pieces or household items may produce uncontrollable flames due to their coatings and polishes or toxic fumes. Wet wood or live branches may cause excessive smoking.

- Before putting out the fire, allow the wood to burn completely and pour water over the remains until the hissing sound stops. Avoid burying the fire or hot charcoal remains. They can catch dry roots and result in a wildfire.

- Have a fire extinguisher or water on standby just in case emergency strikes. If the fire spreads beyond controllable limits, contact 911 and ensure that everyone is a safe distance from it.

Being outdoors, especially at night, is wonderful. You can enjoy a calm bliss being in nature in the dark. But, ensuring home safety while enjoying yourself is critical. Just remember to have fun and be safe!