Securing Your Garage

Securing Your Garage

June 05, 2017 at 12:30 PM


Despite being keen on locking house doors and windows, most homeowners still forget to lock their garage doors may be due to the morning rush. They fail to realize that garage doors are preferred entry points by burglars. The garage leads to the main house and also acts as a storage area for some valuable personal effects. However, homeowners should not be scared as experts have come up with some security devices and controls to protect their homes.

Six garage security tips

Garage remote control

A remote control ensures that you have total control of your garage. This is because the garage door cannot be opened or closed without the remote and you shall always have the remote with you. Care should be taken on where the remote is kept to prevent unauthorized people getting hold of it and entering the garage.

Locking the doors and windows

You should always ensure that doors that are connected to the garage are always kept locked. Moreover, they should have heavy duty locks that are hard to break or master. Owners should also lock all windows. Metal bars can be put on the outside or inside of the windows panes to reinforce windows and deter burglars.

Installing curtains and covers to the windows

Putting curtains and covers to the windows blocks outsiders from seeing what is inside your garage. This ensures that outsiders have no clue of what valuables you have stored in your garage. The curtains and covers installed should not be transparent.

Motion detector lights

Homeowners can install motion detecting lights, which are capable of detecting any movement in the garage. You will get an alert when anyone or anything moves towards your garage door. Motion detecting lights turn on automatically once they sense motion or body temperature. This is a feature that scares a way burglars who do not want to be seen and alerts you before they attack giving you enough time to take action like alert security personnel within your area. The motion detecting lights can be set to stay on for a specified period to create the illusion that you are alert and aware of all the activities taking place within your compound.

Home security systems

Despite taking all recommended home security precautions, it is advisable to install a reliable security system. Depending on the security system type you choose, it can monitor intruders from the point they enter your compound and try to gain access to your home. It then sends live video feeds to your smart device, to the security control center and the police in some cases. It could also have an alarm that goes off when a burglar tries to force entry when nobody is home.


Securing your garage should be part of your home security plan. A person with ill-motives can hide in the garage waiting to harm you or your family members. So, whether or not your garage contains valuable items, it should be well-secured. Follow the above tips and give yourself a piece of mind. Call Hawkeye Communication today to get a quote for your home security system.