Simple Ways To Burglar-Proof Your House

January 10, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Simple Ways To Burglar-Proof Your House.jpg

As per the FBI, about 60 percent of all home burglaries take place when homes are occupied. This means that you must keep your home burglar proof even when you are at home. Unfortunately, you can't always assume that because you are home; you will notice any unusual activity before it results to harm. It's better safe than sorry!

Simple ways to burglar-proof your home

Landscape to your advantage

A good landscape offers visual appeal and soothes the mind. But it can work against you if it contains tall hedges, bushes, and shrubs. These are landscaping elements that enhance the outdoor beauty and provide shade, but your home security needs should be your priority. So, avoid having tall shrubs, bushes, and hedges because they provide perfect hideouts for thieves. They can monitor your movement while hiding in the bushes. If you have them already, consider cutting them down and find other landscaping features to replace them. If your landscape must incorporate bushes, consider thorny bushes. 

Add lights with motion detection technology around your home

Security lights with motion detection should be installed at the main gate, near all doors and windows. Burglars use doors or windows to gain access. So, if they attempt to break in at night, the lights will turn on once they detect motion. You get a warning that someone is on your property and burglars who do not want to be identified will more than likely take off immediately when the lights go on. 

Keep windows and doors locked

It is common to open doors and windows to let in fresh air which is advisable and healthy. But, the problem is that most people forget to lock the doors and windows when closing them. This point may seem obvious, but research has proven that a great percentage of burglars’ access homes through unlocked windows and doors. In fact, burglars will first look for unlocked windows and doors. They only damage locks when they lack an easy entry point. 

Install wireless home alarm systems

If you are fond of leaving your windows open especially when you are at work so that you can come home to a well-aerated room, consider installing a wireless home security system. The system notifies you when something or someone gets too close to the open window or door. You could take action like informing the police before the actual theft occurs. A wireless system is easy to install and uninstall. 

Install a home security camera

A home security camera will offer real-time video feeds on every activity taking place inside and outside your home. Depending on the type you choose you can receive alerts when someone is trying to break in or when activity is detected during odd hours.

Home security starts with you and the precautions you take to ensure that your home is secure. Apart from the above tips, there are numerous, yet simple things you can do to protect your home. They include; not hiding the spare key outside the house, not announcing that you are going on vacation, getting a dog and keeping your valuables out of site.