Simple Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Day While Cutting Your Home Utility Bill

Simple Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Day While Cutting Your Home Utility Bill

April 26, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Simple Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Day While Cutting Your Home Utility Bill.jpg


Earth Day may have passed, but it doesn't mean you should not consider the principles it wishes to protect all year round, right?


There are simple steps you can do to reduce your home’s energy consumption without spending a dime. Learn some of it in this article:


1. Reduce appliance temperature


Lower the temperature of your water heater at least to 120°F, also your cloth dryer. This will save electricity and it is also gentler for your clothes.


2. Always wash on full loads


Wash your clothes on full loads with the cold setting. Do the same with your dishwasher. If you need to pre-rinse, do so with cold water.


3. Reduce the cooling temperature of your refrigerator


Let your food cool down before you keep it in your fridge. This lessens the use of your fridge’s freon. By doing this, you are reducing the energy your fridge needs in cooling the food inside and less heat is released.


You may also label your foods before placing these inside the refrigerator to reduce the time your fridge is open when you are searching for an item. As much as possible, keep your freezer full as it performs better in this situation.


4. Seal air holes


Seal holes where air can leak to reduce heat loss. Use sealants for window gaps. Foam insulation can also be used to cover large opening due to plumbing chases.


5. Use power strips


Use power strips on your electronic devices. If not, make sure to turn them off if not they are not in use.


6. Game consoles vs other devices


Use your mobile phones, tablets, or smart TVs rather than game consoles which adds up to energy consumption.


7. Use the energy-saving setting


There is a reason why the energy saving setting is added to your electronic devices and appliances. Use it to help reduce energy consumption.


8. Thermostat adjustments


Adjust the temperature of your thermostat as the temperature change outside the house. Better yet, have an smart home device that can automatically adjust this for you. Learn more about home automation.


9. Close and open windows as needed


When your air conditioner is in use, make sure to close your windows to limit hot air from entering inside. Use drapes to shield heat and pull it up when it's cold outside. Otherwise, open these windows on specific times of the day to let cool air enter, naturally.


10. Air filter maintenance


Clean your filters and replace them as needed. Make sure not to block them with furniture, carpets, and curtains to avoid dust formation.


11. Use water-saving shower heads


Using water-saving shower heads and faucets can cut water consumption by 50%. However, you should also be mindful of any leaks to avoid wasting water unnecessary bills inside your house.


12. Evaluate your electricity and utility performance


Analyze the overall home performance of your appliances and devices to help determine the factors that might be causing your bill to go high. Once you analyze those factors, you’ll be able to identify ways to reduce your electric consumption.


13. Replace old appliances


Let go of those old models and choose the latest models that consume low energy. When buying for appliances, always look for the blue energy star label to ensure you will be utilizing the lowest energy consumption for these devices.



Celebrate Earth Day all year round. Follow these recommendations and feel how your own utility bills will also lower in consumption.