SMART HOME 101: How does it help in green living?

SMART HOME 101: How does it help in green living?

April 28, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Nowadays, Smart home is becoming more and more popular because of the various money-saving benefits and convenience it offers. But what exactly is a smart home?


What is a Smart Home?


A smart home is a term used in homes that use the latest technology, which allows electronic devices to communicate with each other. It can be automated, scheduled, and be remotely controlled via smartphones.


The lights, temperature, and alarms are just a few of the things that can be controlled by smart home technology. This technology gives you the comfort of securing your home even if you are away while reducing energy consumption the smart way.


How does a smart home transform your house into a green living advocate?


Smart home technology helps reduce energy use that leads to a greener living for you and your family. Here is some popular home automation you may use for your house, today:




Latest thermostat technology decreases the carbon footprint that is emitted in various ways. One way is you can remotely control the adjustment on your thermostat even if you’re away through your mobile device.


For example, If the door was left open, the thermostat can shut down the air-condition automatically. You can also manage it so it can adjust on its own if you’re at work. This makes it a smart energy saver for your family.




A smart home lighting system gives you greater control over your lighting usage. With smart home lighting, your light usage can be scheduled, accordingly. It can also automatically adjust in coordination with natural light. While others can work based on motion sensors that can detect if a room is in use or not. This way, you save energy while making your home eco-friendly.




A smart window treatment system is another great way to reduce energy use inside your house and offices. This helps in adjusting the temperature in your home depending on the weather outside. It will automatically cool your home during summer and warm it once winter steps in. This treatment control window shades. It can pull down the shades on the hottest part of the day and pull it up when it is cooler.


A smart home system allows you to monitor your power consumption. This gives you the chance to adjust environmental impact while saving money. If your home is not yet a smart home, Honeywell enterprise can help you make it smart, save more money, and become earth friendly. Check out their website to discover more of their smart systems that will fit your needs.