Smart Home Technology for Your Safety, Security and Personal Well-being in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids

Smart Home Technology for Your Safety, Security and Personal Well-being in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids

May 4, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Some may think that smart home technology is a luxury choice. But this is not true. Many homeowners who have installed smart home technology did so because of the safety and security it offers. Read on to learn more about it.


Providing Care-giving and Independence


Smart home technology offers peace of mind for those who have kids, aging parents, and even disabled family members through the following:


Smart medical devices for health monitoring purposes


Interconnected sensors and devices can help you monitor the health of the persons in your home. There are beds, socks and shoes, and other devices that can help you monitor heart rate, blood pressure, vitals, sleep patterns, and even changes in gaits. If any problem occurs, you are notified immediately.


There are also smart devices such as “smart” pill and water bottles that remind the time of medication and hydration.


Voice-activated devices


This allows the disabled or bed-ridden family members to control smart home devices even if they are out of reach. Also, if someone is in an emergency and can’t reach the phone can call out using the voice-activated device.


Video intercom systems


This system, sometimes combined with voice activation allows the family members to reach out even if they are in a different area of the house. It also helps you to check in on your kids, sick family member or those with mobility issues when you are not at home.


Delivering Additional Security and Safety


Our family safety and security is one of the most important priorities of any family. This is where smart home technology plays a role. See how it can help you act immediately when there’s a problem.


Smart security system in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids


Integrated smart security devices do not only have a quick response capability but it also has trigger qualities. It can turn on lights and sprinklers outside while turning a smart speaker inside your home to create the illusion of someones at home. This is very helpful in protecting your home when potential burglars are in your house perimeters, especially if you are out of the house.


Water sensors


If you are on a vacation or just running on some errands outside the house, water sensors can alert you regarding leaking or burst pipes, broken tanks, or even water flood in your home. This way, you can immediately contact a plumber to fix the problem.


Air quality sensors


These sensors can help you monitor the air quality in your home. It can warn you of unhealthy conditions around the house and automatically turn on air purifiers and ventilation system.


Remote Access Control in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids


One of the amazing features of a Smart Home is its remote access control system. You have the ability to control your home’s system wherever you are.


Smart outlets and appliances


Since you can remotely access your smart devices through your mobile app, you don’t have to worry if you forgot to turn off your appliances at home. Also, you can preheat your oven on the way home. You can also remotely turn on your lights if you are coming home late.


Smart locks


Smart locks eliminate your worry of lost and stolen keys as it allows you to enter your home with keyless entry.  This also allows you to create access codes for contractors or cleaners when you are away from home then delete those once their job is done. It can also notify you once the doors are locked and unlocked by your kids or family members.


Smart home system and devices are surefire security for your family and home. It also gives you peace of mind when it comes to monitoring your family’s health. Great thing is that these devices can work altogether for your benefits. If you’re thinking of making your Waterloo or Cedar Rapids home smart, list down your security concerns then let us help you.