Summer Has Arrived - Let's keep the Kids Safe

July 19, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Summer Has Arrived - Let’s keep the Kids Safe.jpg


Summer is the season when kids enjoy playing outside the house most. This is because there is no homework to do and classes the next day.


However, keeping their security as your top priority is a must. Thankfully, there are simple easy to follow steps for parents to keep their kids safe at all time during this playful season. Here are some.


Food Safety


Grilled foods and picnics are popular in this season and your kids surely love them too. This makes it the perfect season to let your kids learn about food safety. So whenever they go out with their friends on picnics, they are educated as well.


Show them how foods are properly prepared to avoid quick spoilage and prevent illnesses. Heat can cause foods to spoil quickly and spoiled food can cause poisoning.


Heat and Sun Damage


We all know that summer season comes along with heat, and often times this means a very high level of heat. Unfortunately, once the kids are busy playing outside, they forget to drink water and can cause them overheating. Overheating can be deadly for the kids. Educate them about the importance of hydration, the early signs of dehydration, what to do.


Also, teach the kids the importance of using sunscreens whenever they go outside to avoid getting burned. Sunburns can lead to skin cancers. Let them know that it is okay to play under the sun but keep themselves protected by sunscreens.


Pool Safety


One of the things why kids love summer? It’s swimming time! Pools are nice places for kids to hang out, relax, and make friends. However, pools can pose certain risks too. As a parent and an adult, make sure that the kids are properly supervised while in the pool area. Accidental slips and falls can be encountered by the kids. Teach how to still act properly whenever in the area. Make note of the injuries they can get. Also, consider enrolling them in swimming classes to reduce the risk of drowning.


Rollerblades, Bikes, and Skateboards


These are of great item that helps kids get physically active. Make sure to educate them safety tips and first aids. Also, make sure that they are wearing proper gear such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and forearms pads whenever they are rolling. They might resist the idea but show them athletes who use safety equipment to change their mind.


Alone at Home


Summer is vacation time for kids but not for the parents. They still need to go to work. This means the kids will be alone at home while the parents are at work. Don’t worry as there are safety precautions that can ensure your latchkey kid’s safety.


Before leaving for work, make sure that their foods are all prepared and there are plenty of snacks while you’re away. This reduced the tendencies of your kids burning up the kitchen.


Keep emergency numbers including yours posted on a place they can see it immediately. Keep them educated about the importance of keeping all the doors locked at all time. Teach them too how to answer if someones at the door. And to increase the level of your kid’s security, consider installing a home security system. This will help you keep your kids safe even if you are not around. You can even have the power to monitor them even you’re at work.



Summer is a fun and great time for your kids to be knowledgeable about how to keep themselves safe even if your afar. Teach them how they can protect themselves. With these, you can expect a happy summer for everyone.