Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Safe and Secure

March 16, 2018 at 9:17 AM

Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Safe and Secure.jpg

A critical aspect of maintaining a warehouse is keeping it clean and secure on a daily basis. Even though your warehouse is an effective storage area, it can easily become dirty and unsafe if you let it. Let’s talk about some ways to keep your warehouse in tip-top shape as well as safe and secure.

1. Follow a routine cleaning schedule: If you don’t already have a set time for cleaners to come in, now is a good time to establish a schedule. Have your workers or a cleaning company visit regularly to clean the warehouse and maintain it so it reflects your company’s standards. Keeping the floor, shelves, and stock clean will help your staff members work properly and stay safe. 

2. Use checklists: The best way to make sure everything gets done is to create and use checklists. Such lists will help you stay organized, keep products in stock, and ensure the proper cleaning steps are being taken. This will also prevent packages from getting lost or becoming damaged. 

3. Install a security system: Your warehouse should be treated like any other part of your commercial property, which means it should be covered by your security system. Set up video surveillance to keep an eye on the comings and goings of the warehouse.

If your warehouse is particularly large, or if you’ve recently expanded, video may not be enough. Consider adding onsite security checkpoints, motion sensor lights, and alarm systems to catch burglaries in progress. You should also maintain your area’s code by installing the proper amount of fire alarms. If this is something you’re unsure about, work with a company like Hawkeye Communication that can assess your property and determine the right amount of security for you. 

4. Work with local law enforcement: Have you noticed some suspicious activity happening around your property lately? Give your local police department a call so they can check on your property during their regular nightly rounds. A police presence should discourage possible break-ins from happening.

5. Maintain your machinery: Cleaning your warehouse on a daily basis will be superfluous if your machinery needs work. If one of your machines is kicking out large amounts of litter or metal shavings, take the proper steps to maintain it. Maintaining your machines will keep your employees safe as well as eliminate excess clean-up.

6. Hire a security guard: Regardless of your area, the most vulnerable time for your warehouse is at night. The cover of darkness and lack of people is inviting for any burglar, which means hiring a nighttime security guard could be the right move for you. 

7. Use name badges: Even if you’re a smaller operation, using name badges is an effective way of keeping your warehouse safe and secure. Every staff member should wear their badge at all times to ensure that an outsider didn’t wander in. Remember: it’s more difficult for thieves to impersonate employees that have security badges versus those that don’t. 

If you’d like some personalized guidance on how you can make your warehouse more safe and secure, speak with the experts at Hawkeye Communication. We specialize in customized security systems for homeowners and commercial businesses in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Waterloo areas. Call today to set up an inspection!