Top 7 Winter Heating Safety Tips for Your Iowa Homes

Top 7 Winter Heating Safety Tips for Your Iowa Homes

November 16, 2018 at 11:00 AM

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Winter can be quite nasty, here in Iowa, just like what happened in Elkader, Iowa on February 3, 1996. The region experienced a -43.9 degrees Celsius (-47 Fahrenheit), a temperature only polar bears without protection can withstand.


But even with this freezing, dry and windy temperature; it doesn't mean you should also set your house on fire just to keep yourself warm. How can you increase the safety of your house from winter heating fires? Here are some safety tips for you to consider:


7 Winter Heating Tips To Avoid Fires


To avoid any fire hazards during the winter season, here are 7 tips we have listed for you to remember:


1. Put all flammable materials away from any heat source. This includes your chimney or furnace.


2. Remind your children of the "kid-free" area surrounding. This means setting up a boundary where they can only sit close to avoid them from getting burned.


3. Before the arrival of winter, ensure a professional has checked on your furnace and chimney. This will ensure the heating source is working properly before your family uses it.


4. If you don't have any heating source or have a faulty heating source, it is best to ask your options from a professional. They will ensure that the heating source installed in your home will be compatible with the residential setting.


5. In case you have been using your oven as a heating source, it is high time you put an end to it. Your oven should never be used as a heating source.


6. For those using space heaters, use the appropriate fuel for this type of appliance. Remember that the use of the wrong fuel can only result in overheating.


7. Before sleeping, it is best to turn off your space heaters. This should only be used in a monitored setting.




Follow these 7 tips to avoid winter heating fires. Keep your family safe.


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