Top Trends in Commercial Security Systems

September 22, 2016 at 9:30 AM


Technology continues to advance in every facet of our lives, from controlling many electronics on your smartphone, to booking your vacation on your tablet. Everything we do nowadays is done electronically, thanks to an internet connection and a “smart” gadget. This is also very pertinent when it comes to commercial safety because there are several new trends on the market which could not only enhance your business security needs but also give you serious advantages when it comes to being ahead of the competition.

Most of the new trends involve smartphone control and automation. That means you can have remote access to your commercial security, without having to be there in person. What does this give you? Peace of mind!

Smartphone Control/Alarm Monitoring

Your smartphone becomes the key to your business safety in this new trend, as you can monitor what is going on with your security needs anywhere in the world. Power at your fingertips! You can quickly disarm or arm your system by pressing a button on your smartphone, as well as see what is going on through your cameras. You will obviously need a wireless connection to be able to access this function, but in most areas, this isn’t a problem.

On top of this, you can set up alerts of problems you would like to know about at your establishment if an alarm is triggered.



The technology, advancements, and reliability of today’s wireless systems are outstanding. This is a fantastic option for adding security anytime, even if you are not remodeling. Panels and sensors are easily installed without the need to run wires and cut into drywall.

Touch screen technology

As with most smartphones, now there are many touchscreen security options. Touchscreen keypads provide a sleek, modern look that is easy to read and understand. They offer more features and tend to be much easier for users. Features range from weather forecasts to voice command abilities and control of lights, HVAC and much more. You can begin to automate your space to provide more comfort, security, and convenience.

Saving the planet, and saving money

If you want to save cash as part of your business plan, then you need to look at things like heating and lighting, as this is an area where you can quickly throw away money without realizing it. Your business safety system doesn’t only keep your building secure, but it also allows you to automatically control your heating, cooling and lighting systems from a remote location, simply by using your smartphone.

These new trends in the security world are making waves. You have control over the security of your business remotely, so you don’t have to be there at all times. You have the ability to be away and be alerted of things that you chose. Peace of mind from anywhere and energy savings are two big advantages of today’s smart security systems.