Tuxedo Touch Home Automation System

September 5, 2017 at 9:43 AM


Honeywell Tuxedo Touch is an advanced home automation and security controller, voice, and video recording system. It was designed to offer easy control of your automated home. It features a 7 inch fully colored touch screen that responds to simple spoken commands like "bedtime" and "wake up." This means that you will enjoy a hands-free and convenient smart home security system. However, you are still able to control your home from your smart devices. 

It is an intelligent and intuitive system

Tuxedo was designed to cater for all homeowners. As such, the system features easy to understand English and a user-friendly interface that anyone can operate with ease. The commands icons are easily recognizable and visible as well as the words are readable, and the screen is crystal clear. 

The Tuxedo system allows you to view a maximum of four outdoor and indoor IP cameras surrounding your home. You view the feeds on your smart devices or tuxedo touchscreen. It also allows you to record 2 minutes long video clips on its SD card to offer verification of a system activity or event that triggers the alarm. The 7-inch color screen provides clear video views where you can see up to four camera feeds concurrently. 

It offers voice control

As noted above, tuxedo touch is unique in that; it gives your home a voice. You simply speak to dictate the system action. For instance, you simply say “Hello Tuxedo” to activate the system. Once active, it performs a wide range of tasks like controlling lights, creating the perfect scene for dinner, and locking doors among others. It allows you to configure the built in commands to match your lifestyle. You simply say “wake up” to have the shades open and house heated, “Bedtime” to activate the security system, lock doors and windows, set the thermostat and turn the lights off. The built in commands are; returning home, leaving the house, wake up, cameras, bedtime and evening time. This feature offers easy, reliable and hands-free control over your property. 

On-premises control

Tuxedo Touch features a built-in web server that allows users to control it locally. This means that you can connect it to any location within your home using your Wi-Fi network. You can connect it to your smartphones, tablets, smart TV or desktop. This ensures that you have access to your home automation system in every part of your home. You do not have to carry one gadget around. To implement this feature, you must have Wi-Fi or an Ethernet network. 

Connect to possibilities

With this home automation system, your home can come to life through one touch or a command. If you forget to switch off lights or lock the back door when leaving the house for work, you simply check on your smartphone and rectify the security anomaly. You monitor the house when away, how the nanny takes cares of your babies or when your kids’ home from school as well as the kind of activities they engage in when you are away. With this system, home security and control possibilities are limitless.