Understanding Access Control Systems

July 5, 2017 at 11:40 AM

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A safe way to secure your business, as well as those involved in it, is by installing a door access system. This is a door locking and unlocking system that can regulate who can access your business and what areas at any given time. Door access systems use electronic cards that can be programmed and reprogrammed to allow or prevent access. Logical systems, on the other hand, allow or limit access to system data and files as well as computer networks to certain employees. Both systems are important in ensuring commercial security. Physical and logical security systems vary, but most of them include:

Card readers: these can either be insertion readers which require a key card to be inserted for access. The others are proximity readers that only need one to wave their key cards near them for identity and access. These readers should be installed near major doors, allowing people access to the buildings in the premise.

Access cards: these are given to authorized personnel who need to have access to certain places. They are uniquely coded cards that act as keys unlocking certain rooms.

Electric Lock Hardware: electric locks as well as strikes should be installed where access can be controlled from, such as main or even interior doors in big companies.

Keypads: these can be used instead of or together with key cards as part of a company’s access control system.

Field Panels: these panels are used mostly in safeguarding utility closets. Also known as intelligent controllers, they connect card readers ensuring an effective flow of the system. They also lock in hardware and valuable machinery within; the number of field panels needed is dependent on the door count that you need to be protected and controlled.

Computer servers: a valuable and non-physical aspect of every business lies in data and files, thus how they are secured matters a lot. Servers are used to control access to the databases and file managers through recording activities as well as program the system. One of these servers is necessary and should be installed near the one who will be controlling the system.

Setting Up and Programming an Access Control System

Before installing an access security system, it is good to have your business premises accessed by a proficient commercial security systems provider. This will enable them to look details that vary from which doors need controlling to where exactly the server programmer will be located. This computer will dictate the restrictions as well as authorize access codes needed to certain users. To record logs of card users, their clearance codes, as well as names, need to be indicated; this is what is used to track an employee’s activities within the business which includes invalid access attempts. For convenience sakes, doors can also be programmed to remain locked or unlocked for a period depending on what is being done and also safeguarding access for the said time.

Finally, the convenience of using access control systems lies in the fact that access or preventing access is reprogrammable in accordance to the owners need and security purposes. An employee’s codes and cards can be rendered useless as soon as he no longer works at the company. In the case of doubt, a business owner can limit access for a given period to some workers until the case is resolved and their credentials are reinstated. Commercial security through access control systems ensures that you mitigate risks, therefore, preventing threats that your company may be vulnerable to. Installing access control systems should be considered during the planning of your business location, ensuring that valuable resources are protected from the onset of your venture.