Update Your Home Security to Combat These Burglar Secrets

Update Your Home Security to Combat These Burglar Secrets

June 2, 2017 at 12:28 PM


Sometimes outsmarting an adversary means you must know their weaknesses. This concept can apply to burglars. You need to know their weaknesses which in this case are their secrets to outwit them. This may include knowing what burglars look for to determine whether to break-in to your home or not and how they manage to break in unnoticed. Knowing such secrets and strategies burglars use to gain access to homes can go a long way in helping you prevent future security flaws.

Burglars’ secrets

Based on research conducted by a wide array of home security companies as well as the authorities, there are a number of secrets that burglars do to ensure their break-ins are successful. That is, they manage to break in unnoticed and gather as many valuables as they can. They include:

Spotting unlocked windows and doors

Burglars always look for easy access points. As such, they often have a gift for noticing unlocked doors and windows from afar. They are keen to note the fine details that you may overlook. This includes noting how intact the window is; are they well attached to the frames or is there a slight space? A space between the window and the frame may mean that your window is open or is easy to open from the outside. So, always ensure that your windows are properly locked before leaving the house and if you notice a faulty window, repair it immediately.

Valuables are stored in the bedroom

Your bedroom is often a place where you keep your valuables and sentimental items. Unfortunately, burglars know this. A common place or burglars to check for valuables is the bedroom. Bedrooms can mean a goo payoff in cash, expensive jewelry, and accessories among other valuables. So, try to find other creative places to hide valuables other than your bedroom. For instance, you may hide cash in your kids’ room, possibly in a corner, they do not use or install a safe in a hidden location within your house.

They mainly look for jewelry and cash

About 8o percent of burglars go for cash and jewelry once they break-in. Jewelry and cash are portable and easy to hide. Moreover, burglars can run with cash and jewelry in their pockets or bags without getting exhausted quickly. Hence why they prefer to steal them. So, ensure that cash and jewelry are out of sight and reach. Avoid having too much cash in the house and store your jewelry in an unusual place like the bathroom cabinet.

Burglars fear home security and alarm systems

Intruders always prefer to remain anonymous. So, if they locate an alarm or security system within your compound or inside the house, they often leave. An alarm system can go off and alert neighbors while a home security system can send break-in notifications to you or the authorities. Whichever the case, the burglar, would be exposed and that is what they fear. A sign can go a long way in deterring burglars, but we would highly advise that you have a security system installed as opposed to just having the sign.