Using Video Surveillance to Keep Your Warehouse Secure

Using Video Surveillance to Keep Your Warehouse Secure

February 21, 2018 at 11:23 AM

Using Video Surveillance to Keep Your Warehouse Secure.jpg

Have you been thinking about what you can do to keep your storage facility or warehouse more secure? Perhaps you’ve been using video surveillance but are looking for ways to bump up security even more. 

If you oversee a large facility that’s spread over several complexes, surveillance can get tricky real fast. Maintaining round-the-clock security is challenging but not impossible. 

Today, we’re discussing some ways you can use video surveillance to keep your warehouse facility safe and sound and how you can upgrade your current system.

1. Remote Monitoring: Devices such as network video recorders allow you to broadcast your surveillance footage on the internet. This is extremely helpful for anyone managing multiple warehouses or an extremely large facility. NVRs allow you to watch any warehouse security camera at any time, which is highly useful for peak target hours. If you opt for a more nuanced system, you can set it up to send notifications to your phone if your property is being broken into. When you have the capability to monitor your video system yourself from the comfort of your own home, it’s more money in your pocket because you don’t have to pay security officers to sit there and watch them. 

2. Round-The-Clock Coverage: Video surveillance is beneficial when it’s used 24/7. Even though you locked the warehouse when you left and alarmed the burglar system, video cameras are the devices that catch intruders who have entered the warehouse. If you notice that something has recently gone missing or there’s damage to the property, identify the perpetrator quickly via your surveillance footage. 

3. Maintain Quality: Are you ready to take your video surveillance system to the next level? Consider pairing it with an embedded audio surveillance. This will let you monitor staff interactions so you can give them feedback on their performance. It will also allow you to survey work areas to make sure staff members aren’t cutting corners or shirking their duties. You’ll also have improved monitoring for loading areas where materials are being shipped and received. 

4. Save on Insurance Costs: Installing a video surveillance system is great for multiple reasons, but did you consider that it can save you money on your insurance premiums? The amount you’ll save will depend on your provider, but if you let your insurance company know that you’ve taken steps to reduce your chances of a break-in, they’ll probably reduce your monthly premiums. If you’re currently weighing your options, speak to your insurance company about how much cheaper your insurance will be. 

Security systems seem like expensive investments, but the truth is they will save you so much more in the long run. The best thing to do is to install a system that you can afford now and once you’ve had some time to watch your ROI, consider adding new elements that will increase your system’s efficiency. 

Your video system will leave you with peace of mind because it protects both your business and your employees. Should you have questions about the kind of system that’s best for you warehouse, or if you’re looking to upgrade your current system, speak to the professional team at Hawkeye Communication today.