Using Your Home Security to Your Advantage

Using Your Home Security to Your Advantage

May 31, 2017 at 10:18 AM


If you’re weighing the pros and cons of getting a home security system no doubt you’ve thought about all the elements that are involved. You’ll need to ensure your system has been properly installed, armed, and disarmed. Then there’s the monthly fees and the occasional false alarms you’ll have to deal with. After you’ve thought about all of these elements, you may be wondering if a home security system is worth the potential hassle. This is a great question to ask yourself when thinking about protecting your family, pets, home, and valuables.

There are many factors to consider when approaching the subject of a home security system, one being how well it will benefit you as well as your family. Will a home security system make your life easier or more complicated? Will you be able to use your system to your advantage or will simply be a hassle? Below are some reasons we think a home security system would be a good investment for you and ways you can get the most bang for your buck.

Home security systems protect your valuables

When most people think about installing a home security system, they’re typically thinking of this reason first. Chances are you know someone who has had electronics, jewelry, or other high-ticket items taken as a result of a break-in. The loss becomes more devastating when the items are family heirlooms or antiques that cannot be replaced. Home security systems have alarms that scare off most possible burglars while notifying the police if someone attempts a break-in. Though you may have some valuables locked away in a safe, you probably don’t have all of them tucked away. A home security system will give you the added security you need to ensure your valuables stay safely displayed in your home.

Home security systems can prevent crime

It has been proven that the when the number of home security systems increase in a given neighborhood, the number of robberies that take place in that neighborhood decreases. This includes people that don’t even have a security system in their home. Installing a security system will protect you and your family while making your neighborhood a safer place in general.

You can use remote control access

The home security systems on the market today, including those from Honeywell, give you control via remote control access. Enjoy the ability to monitor what’s happening inside and outside your home while you’re away. Depending on your chosen system, you’ll also be able to control the locks, thermostat, lights, blinds, and other devices in your home. To get the most out of your system, be sure to customize these settings from the get-go.

You’ll pay less insurance

While your home security system requires a monthly fee, you’ll save money in your insurance premiums. In fact, most homeowners see a drop in their insurance costs by up to 20%. These savings, coupled with the increased security will make your new home security system worth your time and money. To maximize your savings, be sure to notice your insurance company that you’ve installed a home security system.