Ways to Prepare Your Smart Home for the Winter Months

Ways to Prepare Your Smart Home for the Winter Months

January 30, 2017 at 9:45 AM

Ways to Prepare Your Smart Home for the Winter Months.png

Seasonal changes mean having different home lighting and security needs. Natural lighting is very beneficial when it comes to energy and heat management. General indoor and outdoor lighting is important in making it look like someone is home and helping to avoid unwanted, vulnerable, dark areas where someone might gain hidden access to your home. Here are some home preparation tips that every homeowner should consider with seasonal changes.

Safety in motion

Winter days tend to be shorter as it gets darker earlier. This can also mean that burglars and thieves have more of an opportunity to commit their crimes before you get home from work. Hence the need to protect your home with motion sensors in conjunction with outdoor lighting to ensure that all dark spots are well-secured. Even with lighting, thieves will be sure that nobody is home if they have been monitoring your movement. But with motion sensor lights, once motion is detected it tends to deter or scare off burglars.

Modern day shades and lighting

The internet of things has ensured that today’s home control can raise and lower window shades and turn lights on and off automatically whether you are in the house or not. This feature allows the lighting in your house to coincide with the sunrise and sunset. As such, you program and schedule your shades and lights to operate with optimal energy savings and security changes that occur during different seasons.

Growing shadows

Shifting of the sun’s angle determines your shading requirements. As such, remember to adjust your shading schedules accordingly to accommodate the climatic changes and allow in natural sunlight to help heat your home in the winter and block solar heat gain in the summer. Automated window shades are the most efficient way to help get the maximum amount of energy savings all year round.

Set the lights

As the days become shorter and nights longer, automatic lighting is a convenient and efficient way to adjust. You may be used to waking up when the sun is yellow and warm. But, now that routine has changed and so, you need your lights to accommodate the changes. Incorporate the morning/daylight rhythms to ensure that your normal lifestyle carries on effectively. Ensure that your dimmers adjust to offer extra lighting in the morning and later in the day for added warmth and security.

Set the scene

Utilize lighting control presets to set the mood for occasions in your home. You can use them accordingly to set a bright kitchen working area or have a cozy and warm dining area. Also, proper exterior and interior lighting can set the mood for any home occasion as well as attract or deter potential burglars.