What To Do When Your Package is Stolen

What To Do When Your Package is Stolen

October 11, 2016 at 9:13 AM

It is common to order something online, but not be home when it is delivered. What happens when you get back home and do not find your package? There are two possibilities. Your carrier could have delivered to the wrong address, or your package was stolen. Both scenarios are disturbing, but it is always easier to recover your package if the shipper delivered to the wrong address. To know what happened and probably recover your package, follow the guidelines below.


Check your video footage


With the current home security and automation hype, you have the ability to have a security system that offers video feeds on request. With that, the first step towards recovering your package would be checking your video footage. Go through the footage to determine whether the package was delivered, and a person later walked away with it. If you can prove that the shipper never showed up at your doorstep, you can file for a refund from the shipping company. If on the other hand your package was delivered and someone later took it away, take the next step.


File a complaint with the police


You can file a complaint with the police if your surveillance video shows that someone took your package or if you do not have a surveillance camera but suspect that your package was stolen. If you suspect that it was taken, but you do not have video evidence, the police may not be in a position to do much. They will note your case, and once other neighbors file a similar complaint, they will be compelled to investigate and find the culprits. If you have a video footage, it would be easier to track the crooks. The video will show their face or any crucial identity that will assist the police in tracking them.


Contact your shipping company


If your shipper never showed up at your doorstep, you should contact the shipping company responsible. Though different companies have different missing package claims policies, your issue should be addressed quickly. You will be contacted for more information and may need evidence that the package was not delivered. After verification that it was the shipper's fault, you could receive a replacement or total refund of the money you had spent to order the package. It is important to note that getting a replacement or refund may take time because the shipping company may have to investigate the issue independently before making their conclusion.


Recovering a stolen package is always easier if you have video surveillance. It becomes easy to prove your case. So, home security systems have more benefits other than just protecting your home from burglaries. You stay updated on whatever is happening in your home when you are away. Moreover, with home automation and security products from Honeywell you can be notified once your package has been dropped and once a person attempts to take it away. You can tell the police or 911 before it’s too late.