What experts say about home security in Iowa?

March 29, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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There are a lot of things to consider in guarding the safety of your Iowa home. But are you familiar with these security techniques?


Here are a few guides for you to not only protect your home in Iowa but as well as your family and yourself:



Think like a burglar


To win over criminal, you gotta think like a criminal.


Ask yourself what would you do if you plan to break into someone's house? Burglars commonly the following:



Often, burglaries happen when no one is at home and not at night that is commonly thought of homeowners. It is easy for burglars to do their crime when no one is at home. No criminal would want to face the house residents. That is such a scene for them. So make sure to securely lock all the possible entry points on your home, especially if you’re away.



Burglars are discouraged by sounds since it disrupts their criminal activity. The sounds they might create during their action can easily notify of their activity. You may get a guard dog for an easy way to discourage a potential thief. Arf! Arf!



No criminal would like to be caught in the act! They will always hide from vision as much as possible. Trim your bushes and light up your dark corners to eliminate hiding places for burglars.



Be Smart and Cautious


Observe everyone who enters your home. Even your maids, gardener or driver might have hidden motives. Thus, being smart and cautious with people who come and go to your home can help you prevent potential thievery. Moreover, keep your valuables in a safe or somewhere secured and unnoticeable.



Become Friends with Your Neighbors


Having friends around your neighborhood is a great help for you from preventing your home in becoming a target for burglars. If you are close to your neighbors, they can easily notify you once there are any unusual things outside your home.


They can even watch out for your home when you are away. So have some friends! It will help you along the way!



Do Not Accept Unsolicited Help From Strangers


Do you remember what our parents told us when we were kids? Don’t talk to strangers. You can still use that. Unless you have called someone for help like a carpenter or a painter, don’t let them in.


Thieves are also a con artist who could look like a plumber who offers help or service. They can come to you and offer a service just to get inside your house without force and do their criminal actions. So beware!



Light up your House


Lights are not just there to help us better see if it is dark. It is also a simple way to discourage possible criminals. Since thieves like to hide in the dark corners, putting up lights on those places lessens the thieve’s hiding place. Potential thieves will be discouraged because of the lights.



Be Mindful Of What You Put in Trash


You might not think of this but burglars can look into your trash. Imagine, you have just bought a new smart Tv and you throw out the packaging/box outside. Possible burglars will get a clue on your new Tv and might come back to try to rob your home for it. Try to make your trash unnoticeable as possible.



Install a Home Security System


Keeping an eye to your house is now made easier through advanced technologies. You may install security cameras around your corners to keep track of the happenings inside and out of your home. Video cameras nowadays are of great help in preventing crimes and solving cases like burglaries. This is a great alternative if you’re not a dog lover.


There are a lot of ways now to protect your home, your family and yourself from harm. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from security experts to make ensure your safety. It is better to be cautious and secure than to be sorry in the end. If you are looking for solutions in securing your home, give us a call, we’d love to help!


Be Prepared!