What is a security system and how does it work?

What is a security system and how does it work?

December 9, 2016 at 9:06 AM

What is a Security System

Most home security systems rely on a similar principle to secure entry and exit points. A security system is a mode by which something valuable is protected with the help of networked devices and component system. As such, home security systems are networks of interworking electronic devices that have a central control panel to keep your home safe from intruders and burglars.

A reliable home security system will contain; a control panel that acts as the main home security controller, interior motion sensors, door and windows sensors, wired and wireless cameras, an alarm or siren, window stickers and a yard sign. These are just the basic features that a reliable security system should include. Security systems also offer many more features in a bid to ensure that even more security loopholes within your home are sealed. More features mean everything from fire and carbon monoxide detectors, to temperature sensors and the ability to turn lights on and off remotely and automatically. Today’s security systems have many “Smart” features that not only help you feel and be more secure, but lead a more comfortable and efficient lifestyle as well.

How a security system works

As stated above, home security systems work by securing the main intruder entry points; windows and doors. Sensors that communicate with the main control panel and command center are installed at the entry points. The sensors should be placed in all easily accessible doors, windows and openings.


How essential home security features work

Control panel

A control panel acts like the system computer that arms and disarms your security system. Being the main system computer, it communicates with all installed devices, sounds the alarm when an intruder approaches and sends a signal to the main security monitoring company. They feature a touch pad for easy interaction, programming, arming and disarming. It is where you set and enter your passcode.

Windows and doors sensors

Window and door sensors feature two parts that are mounted adjacent to each other. One part is fixed on the frame while the other is fixed on the window or door. So, when the door or window is closed, the two sensor parts join to create a security circuit. When your system is armed, the sensors communicate by noting that the entry points are secure. Should one of the secured doors or windows be opened, the circuit is broken and sends a signal to the control panel that in turn sounds the alarm.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors work by protecting a specific space that detects motion and heat. When the system is armed, if the motion detects movement and heat, it sends an alarm signal. Motion sensors are used to cover whole rooms or areas. They can eliminate the need to put a window sensor on every window which can get costly. If you have pets that roam the house while you are away however, motion sensors might not be a good option.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras have been used to help secure homes and office spaces for a while now. They can either be wireless or wired. They work by monitoring your property and recording all the activities taking place. They can send video feeds to your smartphone, tablet or computer. As such, you can monitor the activities in your home when you are away as well as get notified when motion is detected.

High-decibel Siren

The siren produces a loud noise that attracts nearby attention and can frighten unwanted visitors away. A siren definitely signifies a security problem.

Window stickers and yard sign

These home security features may be dismissed as marketing tools for a security company. However, they play a major role in deterring potential intruders. Intruders like to go for easy targets. Window stickers and yard signs tell intruders that your home is protected and attempting to break unnoticed is going to be a challenge.