What you need to know about keyless entry

October 2, 2017 at 10:35 AM


Termed as more secure, keyless entries have become common among business premises. They ensure easy control of your property remotely because they operate on codes that are only used once. Above all, you never have to worry about spare keys getting into the wrong hands or malicious employees accessing the business premise during odd hours. As such, they are preferred by most small and big businesses despite their initial cost. 

How to keep your keyless entry system safe

Change the code often

There are different types of keyless entry systems. Some will send a unique code each time access to your commercial building is requested, and others allow to set the code you will be using to access a building. The former is termed more secure since it is hard to guess randomly generated codes. But, most commercial facilities prefer to use one code to ensure convenience. In such a case, it is always advisable to keep changing the code. You do not know who gets to know the code while it is in use and how they plan on using it.

Maximize the code digits

More code digits mean that your passcode will be hard to cram or remember unless you use them daily. Keyless lock manufacturers ensure that you can set a small 4-digits code or a big 8-digits code that they term more secure as compared to small codes. It would be hard for a thief to memorize an 8-digits code that would also take the time to key in. 

Do not be personal when selecting the code

It is common to set your passwords based on personal things that are special to you. But, that is always a mistake because you leave security gaps that any person close to you or knows a lot about you can exploit and steal from you. The same thing applies to keyless commercial security systems. As much as you want to have a code that all employees can remember with ease, do not use the company’s founding date or year of formation. These are some of the things that thieves will try out when breaking in. 

Do not record codes

As technology advances so do the use of passwords and codes to access buildings and information. As such, you may get confused because using one code or password is not advisable. To fight confusion, some people will note their passcode and passwords on their notebook or computer sticky notes. This not only reminds you the codes but also gives thieves access to all your information. Hence, you should only note clues and reminders that only you can decipher. 

Split the codes

Designed with commercial security in mind, most keyless locks allow setting of multiple access codes to be used by different people. Meaning that your employees get to use a different code from your senior managers and security personnel. In other words, every group gets a unique code to make security monitoring easier.


Keyless entry has gained popularity among commercial and residential properties. However, you have to ensure that the system is always in a good working condition. The system is prone to wear and tear. So, consider regular expert reviews and maintenance services.