Why Home Automation is for Everyone

April 6, 2018 at 9:35 AM

Why Home Automation is for Everyone.jpg

In the past, the idea of having an automated or “smart” home was something many homeowners thought was out of their reach. It either seemed to be something futuristic that you’d see only on shows like “Star Trek” or “The Jetsons,” or like something that was way outside of the average homeowner’s budget. 

Fortunately, as more products and technologies are added to the market, more are becoming easily accessible to homes across America. This means that you have the opportunity to upgrade your home with convenient automation systems that won’t break the bank. 

What is home automation?

Not too sure about home automation? In a basic sense, home automation puts you in control of home systems and appliances from a distance. Through the use of a smartphone app or a centralized unit, you can control several aspects of your home. 

Thanks to these systems, you can remotely adjust things like the temperature in your home, lighting, and your security system. This can all be accomplished via the touch of a screen, the sound of your voice, or the swipe of your finger. 

How home automation can help

1. It’s convenient - Many homeowners enjoy their home automation systems because of the convenience they offer. If you have a system installed by a professional team such as Hawkeye Communication, they will show you how to program the system to meet your specific needs. You know your home best so think about the room that gets the most sun throughout the day. Have your blinds timed so they shut when the sun is at its strongest. This will help control the temperature in your home.

2. Saves you money - Once you decide to commit to having an automation system installed in your home, you’ll begin to reap the financial benefits. Your system can control the temperature in your home which means you’ll spend less money on AC in the summer and heat in the winter. 

You can also check with your insurance provider since many companies will give you a break on your homeowner’s insurance if you increase your home’s energy efficiency - look into getting a tax break too.

3. Enhances security - Your home automation system can beef up your security since it can control smart locks, lights, and alarms. If you’re worried about getting out of your car for any reason, tap on the lights when you get home so you can see if anything is hiding in the shadows or on the sidewalk. 

Do your kids forget to lock the doors before they leave for school? Make sure they’re locked by consulting your smartphone. You can also set your system up to alert you when someone enters your home. 

Hawkeye Communication is a team of security and home automation experts who are dedicated to keeping you safe. We specialize in installing and maintaining home and commercial security and automation systems that can be personalized to your needs. If you have ideas about the kind of system you want, or you’re not sure yet, we’d be happy to speak with you. We’re a Honeywell Authorized Dealer serving the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Waterloo areas. Give us a call today.