Access Control System

Door Access and Keyless Entry

Designed to work together seamlessly, Access Control Systems provide you with the technology you need to deliver intuitive security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging. Our product range can accommodate an access solution from a single door to thousands of doors.

Award Winning Services:

  • Multiple Levels of Security
  • Badging/Credentialing
  • Timed Access To Your Building
  • Remote Access To Systems
By monitoring and restricting access to your business, you protect employees as well as valuable and sensitive areas from theft and damage. With Access Control Systems by Hawkeye Communication and Honeywell, you ensure that those accessing inventory, important information, or restricted areas are only those that are authorized.
Having access control systems in your business also helps keep you informed of where and when your staff is going. Keeping yourself up to date with information will give you peace of mind.

With a browser-based interface, your learning curve and training time is significantly decreased. There is no need to have a dedicated PC – simply log on and you’re ready to go, securely – from the office or anywhere.

Tips to Increase Your Commercial Access Control System 

Evaluating the Features of Your Access Control System

Look at the specific needs of your company to easily identify the following:

  • The location where to place the access control system
  • The frequency people will be entering these premises
  • The types of individuals that will provide access
  • The process on how to incorporate access control into your other security systems

Based on these factors, you can identify the best access control system that your business will need.

Determining Your Access Levels

The reason you are installing an access control system is so not everyone has the freedom to enter all your locations in the office. Thus, it is important to know who will be given access to certain areas.

First, map the building and break it down according to zones. Secondly, use colors to easily identify these zones. In this manner, it will be easier to decide the levels of access that will be provided for these premises.

Perform a Regular Audit of Who Can Access These Levels

After setting up the individuals who have access to various areas in your building, see if they are appropriately using the access control cards. To ensure they are not over exceeding the length of time they are allowed on these areas, set features to timeout cards that will show these limitations.

Regularly Update Your Technology

Technology changes fast. So, it is best to choose a company, like Hawkeye Communication, that is adept at the constant changes happening with access control systems. Have your control system maintained to ensure your system is at par with the latest technology in the industries.

Get Everyone Involved

Ultimately, it is best to educate your staff and all of your employees to report any unscrupulous individual who would try to sneak into restricted areas. This will be one of your biggest to ensure everything inside the building remains safe and secured.

Manager Hosted Acces

As well as offer industry-leading door access systems, Hawkeye Communication also offers manager hosted access so adding or changing employees' access is as simple as a phone call to one of our trained staff.