How do I cancel a false alarm?

Enter your 4 digit code and "OFF" or "DISARM", whichever is on your keypad, once to silence the alarm. Enter it a second time to send notice to the central station to cancel the alarm. If you don't cancel it in time the Central Station will call you and ask if everything is okay and ask for your password.

How do I test my system and how often should I test it?

  • To test your system, simply call our Central Station and ask to place your system in test for a specified amount of time. Arm your system like you normally would, and then walk in front of any motions and open any doors or windows. Your alarm should sound and go into alarm, but won't send the police if you have it in test with the Central Station.
  • We recommend testing your system 1 to 2 times a year as long as everything seems to be working normally.

Can I disarm/arm my system from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes,you absolutely can! Many alarm systems we offer have interactive services thatallow you to remotely access and control your system on your smartphone,tablet, or desktop.

Why does my alarm say “Not Ready” or “Fault”?

  • This generally means you may have left a door or window open that has a sensor on it. Please try closing your doors and windows that have sensors on them and this should correct the problem. If these error messages continue to display, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • You may need to clear the alarm memory. To do this simply put in your code and disarm to clear. The keypad should now show "Ready to Arm".

Will my alarm still work if my power goes out?

Yes,your alarm should work because it has a back-up battery in the alarm system.The time that your back-up battery lasts varies, but can be as little as 1 hourup to 10 hours.

What if I have an alarm system from a different company? Can Hawkeye Communication still service my system?

Werecommend you give us a call, because there are many different kinds and typesof alarm systems. Please give us a call, and we can then determine if we canadequately help you with your system.

How/What do we do to make sure our systems are as secure as possible?

  1. For wireless systems, we use Honeywell High Encryption equipment. Honeywell is a world leader in technology and security. Examples: Flight Products, NASA, Fed Gov.
  2. The average person is not capable of breaking codes.
  3. TotalConnect has the ability to notify you whenever your system has been activated or de-activated.
  4. We use multiple points of contact in our installs. This helps in eliminating a single point of entry.
  5. Our technicians are trained to know the latest and greatest technologies and their applications.

Can my system call for medical help?

Yes,you can have a wireless medical pendant or wristband that will allow you tocall for help if needed.

What if I move - can I take my system with me?

You can certainlytake the system and re-locate it to another property, however, many people useit as selling feature for the new owner.

What if I don't have a phone line? Can I still have an alarm?

Yes. You have a couple of options. You can use a cell dialer that uses wireless communication. You can use an internet dialer. BOTH of these offer good, reliable service for communicating with the central station.

How much maintenance does my burglar alarm system require?

Actuallyvery little. The backup battery typically last 4-5 years and the other deviceswill last up to 20 years under normal use.