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We have your family's safety at the forefront of our focus. Monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. When we integrate our fire alarm products into your home's security system, our 24/7 fire monitoring ensures an efficient emergency response to help protect your family and home from disaster. Our UL-listed monitoring service will contact your local fire department as soon as a detector goes into alarm, giving you enhanced protection and notification.

Life safety is one of the most important investments you can make so you should always use a trusted company like Hawkeye Communication. We use only top-rated security products from Honeywell and provide professional consultation, customized system design, and installation by our certified technicians, and local service and support.

Honeywell Smoke and CO Detector Combo:

Multi-threat Detection. Honeywell's Fire and CO Detector is the industry's first professionally monitored, wireless, combination Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. Using four sensing elements, the 5800COMBO provides true multi-threat detection and reacts fast to real danger—while helping to reduce false alarms.

Reduced Risk. A photo-electric chamber senses airborne smoke particulates while an electrochemical sensor monitors the CO bi-product produced by slow smoldering fires. The Honeywell detector also features infrared (IR) flame sensing that measures ambient light levels and flame signatures, while thermal detection monitors temperature. Sophisticated and trusted algorithms interpret and respond to multiple inputs and provide the false alarm immunity expected in the most critical applications.

Loud and Clear. Automatic drift compensation of Smoke and CO sensors accommodates for dust build-up over time. Additionally, the reliable electrochemical sensor has a 10-year lifespan. Audible annunciation is provided by a voice speaker that supports multi-language alarm feedback. A viewable LED shows visual alerts as well.

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