Commercial Fire Alarm Systems 

Hawkeye Communication/Fandel Alarm is a NICET certified professional company providing top of the line fire alarm services to Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas for over 46 years.

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to design, install, service, and perform inspections on fire alarm systems of any size or brand. We have both factory trained, and NICET certified staff to ensure a fully functioning fire alarm system.

Commercial Fire System Alarms

Why Hawkeye Communication/Fandel Alarm is the Right Choice for Your Commerical Business 

  • 24/7 Emergency Service - We have technicians who are on call ready to help 24/7 to assist you in any situation that may arise with your building
  • Custom Designed Systems - We engineer and install fire alarm systems that will fit any size building and comply with all occupancy requirements.
  • Knowledgeable and Certified - Our technicians are factory trained in both FCI Gamewell and Fire-Lite, and we have technicians with NICET certifications I, II, and III.

Hawkeye Communication has the ability to help with any of the following needs:

  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Alarm System Inspections
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Healthcare Communications
  • Design/Build Engineering Services
  • Complete Permit Services for your project
  • Monitoring Services for your Life Safety System

FCI Gamewell Fire Alarm System Products

Intelligent Control Panels

Intelligent fire alarm control panels for a wide range of new and retrofit applications—from small installations to complex, multi-building applications.

Mass Notification/Voice Evacuation

Mass notification systems Include the E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System and the E3 Series® Combined Fire and MNS System. FireVac®IV Voice Evacuation System and NetSOLO Broadband/Classic are also available.

Mass Notification Appliances

Audible and Visual Mass Notification Appliances from System Sensor SpectrAlert® Advance and Alpha-215 LEDArray Indoor Textual Displays, as well as ATI Outdoor Notification and Alertus In-Building Mass Notification.

Conventional Control Panels

Conventional Control Panels ranging from small 2 zone control panels to larger 10-30 zone control panels. These panels have releasing options for Agent Release and Pre-action / Deluge also available.

Connected Life Safety Services

CLSS is an all-in-one cloud platform that enables systems integrators and facilities managers to deliver an enhanced fire safety service. The CLSS maximizes the performance of Honeywell’s trusted detection and alarm systems.

Conventional Devices

FCI Gamewell offers a large range of Conventional Detectors. For example, the i3 Series, InnovairFlex Series Duct Detectors, Heat, Beam, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and Pull Stations

Fire Panel Accessories

FCI offers fire panel accessories, including annunciators, IP and digital communicators, batteries, enclosures, printers, door holders and relays.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

The Gamewell Class B BDAs are signal boosters for 2-way emergency radio communication with FCI Fire Alarm Panel Addressable Monitor Module.

Fire-Lite Alarm Products 

Annunciators & Accessories

Fire-Lite fire alarm control panels that vary in size and capability to meet a wide range of needs, while offering superior value and flexibility.

Audible/Visible Notification Appliances

Fire-Lite's complete line of audible/visible notification appliances. The notification appliances include indoor to outdoor models of horns, strobes, and speakers.


Fire-Lite Alarms offers a complete line of central station communication products that provide a reliable solution for the transmission of fire events.

Control Panels (Addressable)

Addressable fire alarm control panels vary in size and capability to meet a wide range of needs. These control panels also offer superior value and flexibility.

Control Panels (Conventional)

Conventional fire alarm control panels bring the latest in microprocessor technology to conventional fire controls and are easy-to install, program and operate.

Devices (Addressable)

Fire-Lite offers a range of addressable detectors and modules ranging from standard smoke detection to monitoring dry contacts. These devices are easy to install and work seamlessly with the Fire-Lite Addressable Control Panels.

Devices (Conventional)

Fire-Lite offers conventional devices for smoke & heat detection, along with devices for duct and sprinkler applications. These devices are well-suited for use with the Fire-Lite Conventional Fire Alarm Panels.

Mass Notification

Fire-Lite Alarm’s Emergency Command Center (ECC) mass notification product line leverages advanced technology and 60+ years of life safety dedication.

Pull Stations

Fire-Lite Alarms offers a variety of conventional and addressable pull stations for connecting to a Fire Alarm control panel. Their cost effective, feature packed, single and dual action models are designed specifically with the end user and installer in mind.

Why Fire Alarm Service is Necessary for Your Building’s Protection

Fire can happen anytime. It’s better to be cautious with proper building protection and preparation. 

Fire alarm services come along with the fire alarm system. Some think that once a system is installed, that’s all it is. But that’s not the case. The right alarm system and services can ensure that your property and the lives in it are protected right.

Installation and Design

If you’re installing or upgrading your fire alarm system, a professional fire alarm dealer, like Hawkeye Communication, is necessary. 

  • We are licensed and knowledgeable about the fire alarm system.
  • Hawkeye Communication ensures that your system is in accordance with the building fire codes and requirements.
  • We guarantee a system that is installed and designed for your building’s specific needs.
  • Our experts can point out important factors for your building’s protection you may not have in mind.

Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Early detection is the main key to preventing the fire from destroying your property. Choosing Hawkeye Communication as your integrated and intelligent fire alarm system monitoring company, we can keep your business protected from potential fire risks.

Testing and Maintenance

Maintenance of the fire alarm system is as important as having one installed in your building. Annual check-ups and maintenance of the system are required. Locally and nationally. Hawkeye Communication can perform these fire alarm system checks for you.

Hawkeye Communication ensures to provide a fire alarm system service that follows the local fire code in Iowa. We will make sure that your system is properly working at all times. If there are any unexpected issues, you can contact us and we’ll work to fix the problem right away.