Turn Your Smartphone into a Smart Home

Would you like to come home to the perfect temperature? Unlock a door with your smartphone? Turn the lights on or off and raise or lower your shades remotely? With our home automation solutions, you can do all of that! Bring your home to life and set a schedule that works with your lifestyle.

TC2_Disarmed_hi.jpgUsing our Total Connect App you can stay in the know wherever you go. Real-time alerts, video viewing and mobile control give you the peace of mind all at the palm of your hand. Total Connect helps you stay connected to what’s important to you 24/7 - it’s all you need to turn your smartphone into a smart home!

We can combine your audio, video, security, HVAC, lights, shades and doors into one easy to use system. From simple single room to sophisticated high-level, whole home integration, we design controls to work reliably and intuitively with all the systems in your home.

Try the Total Connect Interactive Demo now.

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services