Shades and Lighting Control

Certified Lutron Dealer

Hawkeye Communication is a certified Lutron dealer, installer, and service provider. Lutron products offer the flexibility you need with the energy savings you want. Shading solutions help optimize daylight in your home by reducing heating and cooling costs and making your space more comfortable. SittingRm_Cell_Preset_hi.jpg

Smart Living Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

The Smart Bridge Pro and Lutron App for Caséta Wireless are the perfect foundations for creating a connected home system. Monitor and control lights, as well as shades and temperature from anywhere, so you can always be in touch with your home.

Temperature Control Solutions

The perfect complement to light and shade control is temperature control, it gives you the ability to adjust heating and cooling systems any time of day—even while you're away from home, saving on your energy usage. With Hawkeye Communication and Lutron, we can create anything from a single room to whole-home solutions to increase your home's comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

"Automated shades help lower cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter. Adjusting shades based on the season can save you 10-30% on heating and cooling costs."

-Lutron Electronics

Power Of Natural Light

Hawkeye Communication is proud to now offer the new Lutron battery-powered wood blinds! Wake up to a soothing, sun-filled room to set the tone for your day. Natural light can change the look of your space as well as the way you feel. 

Using Lutron's app, you can enable the Natural Light Optimization feature to automatically tilt blinds to preset angles throughout the day to diffuse direct sunlight and maximize comfortable daylight in any space. 

Lutron Wood Blinds

Benefits of Lutron Battery-Powered Wood Blinds

  • Protect your furnishings. Lutron wood blinds adjust their tilt position to Fade Fighter to diffuse the direct sunlight. This intelligent technology protects floors, furniture, and artwork from harmful UV rays that can cause fading or discoloring from direct sunlight. ​​​​​

  • Enjoy peace of mind. After the sun goes down, the blinds will tilt quietly providing privacy and creating the perfect atmosphere to relax. 

  • Superior quality. These Lutron wood blinds blend seamlessly with your home and are hand-crafted from North American basswood. The slats on these blinds will always align across multiple blinds on the same wall to create a uniform look. 
  • Reduce harsh glare. When you enable the Natural Light Optimization feature in the Lutron app, blinds on the eastern facing side of your home will tilt to maximize direct glare from the sun. At the same time, blinds on the western side of your home will shift to Max View to take advantage of the natural light, allowing the perfect amount of light to envelop your space. 

The Lutron battery-powered wood blinds are equipped with the best-in-class technology and come in many types of finishes and valance styles. Contact Hawkeye Communication and see how you can start to take advantage of the natural light in your home. 

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